Chapter 61

Ethane's POV

"Doesn't Cole satisfy you?" I asked her with intense care. I was just too curious

"Hmmm. Cole doesn't like to have sex as much as I do" she explained.

"Then tell him. Tell him you want it more often and I'm sure he will try his best to adjust to your wants. He really loves you. I think you should give your relationship and intended marriage with Cole a chance" I tried to convince her.

She thought about it for a while and finally agreed before we both left the bathroom.

When we got to the table where we were, Amilia gave me a very suspicious look. Damn! Is she even a child? I asked myself.

"Thanks I enjoyed the day because of you" Nicole thanked me with a warm, friendly hug.

"Me too" Amilia jumped on me and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"Amilia. Control yourself" Nicole warned Amilia who wasn't willing to listen. The day ended happily for us all as I waved them goodbye and watched the taxi driver take them to their destination before entering my car to go back to my lonely
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