Quickly getting my way out of the club, I went straight inside my car and roared the engine.

What is that assh*le doing there?

My heart was beating so fast and when I look at the side mirror… my forehead automatically creased.

Black cars were following me. When I mean cars, they are a lot. I gathered my composure and focus on the road. Whatever they are up to, I will never give them the benefit of the doubt.

“Seems like I’ll be enjoying this night.”

A small smile escapes from my lips. Let’s see what you can do. I kept driving from my normal pace, making them think that I haven’t noticed them yet.

When the other car on the left was about to surpass me and maneuver, I quickly shift my speed to its maximum, leaving them all behind and surprised. I drove into dark woods and shut off my lights until they pass over unnoticed that I was here. What a bunch of idiots they were?

My eyes were caught by the familiar car which follows them. My brows automatically lifted, it was the same car I saw on the mansion’s parking lot. So it was that monster who kept following me and his bodyguards? He’s really serious about taking me huh? But it’s not yet a week, and I will never allow him.

Heaving a deep sigh, I drove straight to Kendra’s condo.

“Hi, Ken.” I greeted her when I barged into her door without even knocking.

“Jada! Where have you been ?” She asked hysterically.

“Can I sleep here?” I asked ignoring her question.

“Of course duh.” She shot back before she puts on the red lipstick.

“Just a week until the race, then I fly to the U.S and I’ll rent your penthouse for a couple of months. I’ll also accept your company’s offer with…”

I wasn’t able to finish my sentence. I think modeling isn’t a good idea especially since I am hiding.

“I can send you money no worries Jada, you don’t have to work, since the situation is different now.” She replied.


I may sound not grateful, but I’m truly am. If I don’t have someone like her and Trinity, then I don’t know where I was right now.

“By the way, you have a date?” I asked noticing how dressed she was.

“Yeah, you know Caleb?” She asked before flashing a wide grin at me.

“Oh, that assh*le from Coleman’s empire?” I asked sounding pissed. I couldn’t still forget what he did to me when I almost escape that building, thanks to him I’m in big trouble now.

Kendra chuckled.

“Don’t be like that on him Jada, he just wants his cousin Achi to enjoy life, and start accepting a woman as a part of his life.”

“So the only way was to drug that monster?” I asked unbelievably.

“Well yeah, I can’t even see any other way.” She replied and wear her stilettos.

“Whatever.” I snarled before standing up and going to her fridge to get something to drink.

“Don’t wait for me Jada, I might not sleep here tonight.”

I can’t stop rolling my eyes before glancing at her.

“Just don’t get pregnant huh.” I reminded her. She just wink at me before getting out of the condo and leaving the place in complete silence.

Only the sound of the pouring wine can be heard and my heavy breaths. I really hate silence, it makes me realize how f*ck my life is. I walk slowly towards the condo’s veranda and watch how the lights bring colors to the dark city. As I slowly sipped the wine, I closed my eyes for a moment and start asking myself again. What will happen to me once I got to the U.S? I’ll hide forever from that Coleman? And just wait for every penny that Kendra will give?

At 20 I should be grinding myself at studying but yeah, here I am drinking wine. Completely f*ck up with my life, and I don’t even know what to do anymore, and what I wanted to be in the next five years. It was like my life was just made because God was bored at that moment. After all, I’m existing without any purpose.

Or was it because I was born rich that’s why? Because maybe if I was born from a poor family, I’ll strive hard to be rich and give them the best. That’s what I always saw in movies and read in novels. I shook my head in disbelief for thinking this way, I’m hopeless.

Gazing back at the tall building of the Coleman Empire. Who would know that it will cost me big troubles as soon as I entered that? He’s such a pain in my ass.

I thought he hates women? So what does he wants from me huh?


Lazily getting off from the soft cushion I slept at when I felt the door open.

“You came home just now?” I asked Kendra when I noticed that she’s still wearing the same clothes last night.

“I told you I won’t be sleeping here right? Don’t tell me you waited for me?” She asked back as she slowly trails her way on me.

“Of course not, I was sleeping like an angel here and you’ll barge into without knocking. And f*ck off, you smelled cigarette.” I grunted and push her a bit, I can feel the lines on my forehead make their way out.

She chuckled which made me annoyed more.

“Oh sorry my bad, I should have knocked on my condo’s door.” She mocked me before walking to the fridge and getting some cold water.

“Whatever.”Rolling my eyes at her and lie back on the sofa. I didn’t bother to sleep in the guest room, it’s comfortable here anyway.

“If I were you, I’ll get up and take a shower because something is waiting for you on the ground floor.” Kendra winked at me before entering the comfort room leaving me questioning.

But later on, my eyes slowly widened when an idea knocks, and excitement fills me.

“No freaking way.” I quickly jump off the sofa and made my way out of her condo. I even heard Kendra shout to take a shower first but that’s not my priority as of the moment.

I run as fast as I could inside the elevator and almost breaks the button.

“Seems you’re in a rush.”

I felt my jaw almost drop in awe when I heard that voice from the back. How could I not notice that he’s here? Am I too occupied with the car?

Glaring at him, “ It’s not your business anymore Coleman.” After saying that I put back my gaze in front and called thousands of saints to open the elevator door. And seems like fate was teasing me when the elevator stops moving.

“What the f*ck?!” I grunted.

There’s no way I’ll be stuck here with this man.

I move closer to the elevator door and hit it with my bare hands hoping someone would notice.

“Hey, we’re stuck in here!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“Stop being so loud woman will you?” A stern voice fills the elevator.

“Can you shut the f*ck up?” I glared at him again, but the moment our gazes locked I notice how good-looking he was. His physique is quite jaw-dropping but of course, I won’t do that. I remained my firm face on and fight his stares back.

“I know I look like a Greek God Jada, but staring at me is a crime, especially you’re a woman, so stop it.” The left side of his lips slightly rose.

Quickly removing my gaze at him, I felt the goosebumps bring me into an uncomfortable situation. Breathing a heaved deep I calmed myself.

“Who do you think you are?” I shot back bravely without glancing at him this time.

“Well fine, you can stare at me, just for now.”

This time, shifting my gaze at him unbelievably after I heard that.

“I’m not staring at you, can you please stop and instead make ways to open that freaking door!” I growled.

“So feisty.” He replied unbothered closing his eyes.

Rolling my eyes at him because he won’t do a thing so I stands up again and positioned myself. In a couple of seconds, I gathered my strength and kick the door as hard as I can. When I felt the pain rush into my legs I fell off. F*ck.

“Are you dumb?” The Coleman asked looking at me in disgust.

“That door won’t just open even you give your life into it.” He firmly added glancing at my legs, my eyes widened realizing I’m still wearing my night robe. Feeling the heat on my cheeks in embarrassment, I quickly fix the way I sit.

Hearing his chuckles made me shame more.

“How could you be so fierce and stupid at the same time?” He asked annoyingly.

“Shut the f*ck up.”

But instead of shutting up, he stands up and walks closer to me as my forehead automatically grim in line.

“What do you think you’re doing? Don’t come closer!” I grunted as the images of the familiar situation flashed in my mind. This is nostalgic, isn’t it?

His face was so blank that I can’t read any emotions from him. Though at the moment I don’t feel any fear of him.

“Stretch your legs.” He coldly said before kneeling in front of me.

“You pervert, don’t you dare touch me,” I warned him.

There I saw a hint of amusement again which automatically fades after a couple of seconds.

Instead of answering me, he hold my right leg which I used to kick the door earlier. Making me back to the reality that it hurts like hell especially when he stretched it softly which left me surprised. He still knows the words being gentle huh?

“Keep your hands off.” I roared. But he seemed deaf and continue massaging the legs.

“That’s the farthest skin you can touch, don’t bother to move farther or I’ll punch your face as hard as I can.” I notified him and glared. But he remained undisturbed and persist in what he was doing.

“Ah!” I groaned when he hit the spot where it hurts the most. Though I can’t find the strength to shout at him because he Was doing it so gently, it was like it was the precious glass for him that he won't want to break.

Having him this close to me made me have the opportunity to observe his manly features closely, even his delighting scent made me harder to swallow. He looks like indeed the Greek God Achilles in Greek mythology, but he shouldn’t speak because he seemed like a devil when he does.

I haven’t noticed that he’s staring at me back, with his lips slightly open made me drag my gaze on it. I gulped when he started to moves closer to me.

“W-what do you think you’re doing?” I managed to ask in between my heavy breathes.

“You’re staring at me again Jada.” He stated, keeping the pace of moving closer to me filling the gap between us. I was lying on the cold floor with my right leg stretched while he was kneeling having his two arms extended on the side of my head supporting his weight as he grind himself closer to me.

“O-of course not.” I wanted to slap myself for stuttering.

“I told you staring at me is a crime.”

“Making me wants you more in my condo.” He added sending me shivers how he delivers it.

“That will never happen.” I bravely replied and fight his cold stares at me.

“I like this side of you.” He whispered, making me smell his breath which unsurprisingly smells mint.

One wrong move and we might kiss as he traced his gaze from my eyes down to my lips, I bit it when I realized it was a bit open.

“I despised people like you, women.” I can see the rage instantly filling him after saying that.

“But…” He touches my left arm and trails his finger to my tattoo.

“I might make an exempt-”

He wasn’t able to finish his sentence when the door of the elevator opens. As the security guard, Caleb and Kendra welcomed us with their eyes widened making me back to the reality of how awkward our position is.

I immediately push him harder but remained fierce on me and still not moving.

“W-what the f*CK get off Coleman!” I glared at him and put my gaze on them.

This is so f*cking embarrassing.

“Look, woman…”  Taken aback by his words,  I shift my glance at him again.

“You’re indeed my business from the moment you barged into my empire.”

“And you can’t do a thing about it because of that tattoo you bear.”

He stands up and left the elevator without saying a word leaving me shocked and hopeless with the way he speaks in full of jurisdiction and dominance.

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