Holding my hands tightly, I closed my eyes to stop myself from crying. I heaved a deep breath before opening it again, and look at Drake Spencer coldly.

“I killed them. I was the mastermind behind the bombings, murders, robberies, extortions, and every crime recently. That’s me. So just give me my verdict and put me behind bars.”

Drake’s calm facade has fully vanished. I can see in his eyes those questions such as why am I doing this?

“Bring back the death penalty and let her be the first one to receive that punishment!”

“That’s the last thing you can do to give justice to all of the victims!”

“Bring back the death penalty now!”

The audiences inside of the court kept on screaming those words, and I know even those people outside of this place, and those who were watching on their television had the same thought too. I know this trial was broadcasted locally and internationally, seeing tens of cameras, and reporters out there isn’t surprising anymore. Plus, the journalist inside in fro
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