I'd never hit a woman.

Luka pov

The appearance of the curvy Goddess in my club was surprising enough for me to growl at the new bartender. When I noticed his hungry gaze lingering on her breasts, I nearly flipped out. He's here to work, not drool over every woman who walks in the door. 

The moment her gaze swept the crowd and stopped on me, my breath hitched. Watching her sway her hips as she made her way towards me sent my mind into the abyss of the darkest, dirtiest thoughts I've ever had. 

The things I'd do to her, fuck, I'm one horny motherfucker. 

However, as soon as I checked the time, I knew she was too good to be true. She had to be the secretary Tobias had sent.

I groaned in annoyance and sent all my guards and company away so we could have some privacy, discussing the deal. Too bad, she's way too tempting to work as a secretary for that dick. 

Whoever she was, the woman took my breath away. A goddamn lap dance was the one thing I didn't think I'd ever get from a secretary. 

Should I mention the series of punches she threw at me? Yeah, that was another unexpected turn of events. 

I've never raised my hand at a woman unless she begged me to, and this evening was no different. Even though she attacked me, I didn't try to stop her. 

From then on, everything was just a blur. I've never felt as furious and horny at the same time. One minute she grinds against my cock, and the next moment, she's trying to break my nose. A fucking Goddess, indeed. 

My men dragged her away from me, and while everyone tried to attend to me, she disappeared.

Now, I'm sitting in the VIP area, wiping the blood from my face and trying to think of something that could kill my boner. But as I keep wondering if she'd be half as bold and feisty with my cock down her throat, it's not the easiest task. 

Who on earth is she? Where can I find her? And how the hell do I get her into my bed?

"Alpha, she's gone," a guard hands me another roll of paper towels. 

I dab the blood from the corner of my lips and chuckle. "Did anyone see where she went? You understand that each of my men here fucked up big time, right? You don't watch someone attack your Alpha and then let them escape." I don't look at the guard but focus on the blood on the paper.

"You didn't fight back," the guard says, scratching the back of his neck, obviously uncomfortable.

I shake my head and point out the obvious: "Of course, I didn't. What do you take me for? A damn tool? I'd never hit a woman."

"But she struck you first." He tries to argue, yet his words do nothing but anger me. 

"That's beyond the point. Talk to the bouncers and find out if they noticed where she went. Or at least the direction she disappeared to." I groan and lean back onto the sofa. 

"Right away, Alpha." 

I close my eyes and think about that strange evening. If this woman isn't the secretary, then where is the woman I was expecting? I should stay in the club for longer, but I don't feel like sticking around anymore. 

Fortunately, the guard is back with news. "Alpha, the bouncers saw her running into the woods. She was running towards Brent's territory. But they say some of our men followed her." 

"Those fuckers!" I hiss, getting up from my seat and throwing my jacket on the sofa. "Make sure shit doesn't go down here," I point my finger at the guard, and he quickly nods. 

Without thinking, I leave the club and walk towards the bouncers. They both point in one direction as if they knew I'd come and ask questions. 

I can't stick around for long, so I nod and leave. I'll always stand for my pack members, but some of them are complete morons when they have had a little too many drinks. I can't let them wreak havoc behind my back. Besides, the little runner isn't a wolf. We don't need more shit with cats than we already have. 

Judging by the punches she threw at me, I'm sure she's capable of protecting herself, but I'm not so confident when it comes to a whole bunch of horny wolves, so instead of walking- I run. 

It's about five minutes before I hear male voices and a rather tempting, feminine voice. Jackpot. 

As I get closer, I notice one of the youngest recruits, Duncan, reaching for a branch of a tree. My eyes dart up and focus on the trembling body clutching on a branch for her dear life. "All of you, get away from here! Now!" I growl. 

Some of them flinch in surprise, but in a flash, they have disappeared back toward the club. 

I shove my hands into the pockets of my jeans and walk toward the tree. "You can climb down; you're safe." 

"Leave, and I will." She hisses. As I don't move for as much as an inch, she groans and raises her voice. "God, can you leave? Shoooo!"

"Did you just 'shoo' an Alpha?" I can't help but laugh. This has to be the first time a woman gave me the sexiest lap dance, most intense punches, and then shooed me away like I was a child. 

 I can hear her take a few deep breaths even from down here. 

"Yes, I did. Look, about the punches and stuff, I'm sorry, okay. I mistook you for someone else. Just leave your information or number somewhere near the tree, and I'll pay back the medical expenses. I'll double any amount since I made a mistake and the attack was uncalled for." 

Although she's visibly frightened, this woman manages to sound professional. If we weren't in the middle of the woods but sitting in an office, we'd appear as business partners. 

"It's cool." I try to reassure her that there's no hard feeling. I mean, there might be no hard feelings, but there's definitely something painfully hard between us. "Listen, you can get down; I won't do anything to you. You'll be safe, I promise. I'm Luka, by the way." 

"I'm not stupid; you're trying to trick me." Clearly, even giving her my name doesn't seed any trust in this woman. 

"I never implied that you might be stupid or even thought so." I lean against the tree and try to keep my eyes on the ground. I'm sure it won't make me look any better if I keep staring under her dress. Though the idea is tempting as fuck. "Look, I'm not even mad about what happened at the club. Honestly, if anything, I deserved a punch or two. But now, I'm trying to fix the doings of my men. They had no right to follow you around and scare you so much that you had to climb up there." 

After a moment of silence, she snickers. "You look like a big, fat liar to me." 

"You think I'm fat?" I gasp, forcing a hand over my heart. Well, that comment hit me. So much for hitting the gym every day. 

"That's the only thing you heard?" She giggles. I know she's upset, but the laugh that escaped her lips was quite adorable. 

"You can't stay up there forever. I can leave, but if any of those men are around, they'll capture you as soon as you get down. Or they'll climb up to get you. The choice is yours, kitten. I offer you a sense of security and protection." I speak as if her decision doesn't matter, but damn it, it does. 

Whatever made her come to me, it must be fate. I can't remember the last time I truly wanted something, anything. But right now, I want her. I don't know who she is, where she's from, or what her name is, but damn it, I want her. I want to ruin every bit of good girl in her and enjoy the sweet taste of sin in her. 

"Fine, but swear you won't hurt me." 

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Marrie Mitipelo
Haha... He got punched by a Woman!!! Dang man!!! She Wised him up... Then lobbed him .........
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TH vivo
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Kelly Rohrer
Love this so far ...

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