I'm more than my species.

Luka pov

Fighting every dirty fantasy in my mind, I carry her to the local hotel. On the way there, I keep asking her name, but she refuses to tell me. 

"This is your stop, kitten," I let her back on her feet, grab her wrist and drag her to the front desk. 

"This doesn't look like your place," she mutters. I catch on to the sarcasm in her voice, but instead of ignoring her attitude, I decide to tease her. 

I stop, and her body collides with my back. Slowly, I turn around and lean to her ear to whisper, "You're welcome to change your mind, kitten. I have a bed with your name on it in my bedroom, whatever your name is for the night."

It was supposed to be an innocent joke, but the kitten suddenly shows her claws and pushes me away from her. "You fucking piece of shit! You take me for a hooker?" Anger burns in her eyes, and for a moment, I stop and stare at her. "No, fuck this, I'll show myself out of this crap place and territory. Don't mind me, Alpha." She turns her back on me and takes a step toward the main entrance. 

Damn it, I can't just let her walk out of here like that. Besides, as much as I love watching her walk away, I don't want her to leave, especially if it's because of some shit I said. 

I grab her wrist and pull her body back. Before she can regain her senses, I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her flush against my chest, leaning to her ear and whispering, "Wait, no, I'm just messing with you, kitten. I don't take you for a hooker." 

"Stop calling me a damn kitten; I'm more than my species!" She hisses under her breath, and surprisingly, leans her head against my chest. 

"You refuse to tell me your name, so I had to improvise and come up with something. Come on, don't be mad at me; I'll buy you breakfast. Please, I'm sorry." I try my best to show her how sincere my words are. 

Usually, no one would see me in public with a woman in my arms, certainly not the members of my own pack. There are plenty of them around us now, but I don't care. I'd rather ignore the rumours and headlines of tomorrow than let this kitten escape today. 

"It's Sarah." She mutters. 

A smile spreads across my lips. Women tend to introduce themselves to me right away when we first meet, but with this woman, I had to work hard to find out her name. She's a piece of work, for sure. 

"Finally." I let go of her and look down at her, raising my hand to her face and cupping her cheek. "Why don't we get you checked in and discuss what we're going to do next?"

At this point, I don't think there's anything I can say that will please her. Sarah rolls her eyes and huffs, "How are you so sure I need a room in a hotel? Do I look homeless to you?"

"No, not at all. I assume you need a place to stay because this is the first time I've seen you. Besides, you tried to run away earlier, so I guess there's no one here to hide you. And it's pretty late to be roaming the woods trying to find your way home. Am I wrong about that?" I raise an eyebrow at her. Sarah looks around and bites her lower lip nervously. "If I'm wrong, just tell me, and I'll take you to whoever you're visiting or moving in with."

Her eyes widen in shock, and her shoulders slump. "Okay, you're not wrong."

Her reaction is unusual, but I let her be for now. I drag her to the front desk and help her fill out the paperwork. We hand the papers to the hotel receptionist and wait for her to type something on her computer. 

The woman lifts her gaze from the screen and clears her throat, "Would you prefer a room in the hotel building or one of the cabins?"

"What's the price difference?" Sarah asks, nibbling on her nails. 


I interrupt the receptionist and place my card on the desk. "It doesn't matter; I'll cover the cost. She's my guest."

The woman's gaze lingers on the back card for a moment, then she leans over the desk and stares at me like I'm her next meal. Damn creep. 

"In that case, I suggest you opt for the cabins- they are a bit small, but they are more reminiscent of home than any of our rooms. And I can assure you that the beds there are larger and much more comfortable than those in the hotel rooms." She wiggles her eyebrows. 

"Okay, I'll go with the cabin then." Sarah breathes out as her gaze sweeps over the place. 

It's as if she didn't notice how the strange woman stares at me. Or she refuses to acknowledge the woman flirting with me right in front of her. No jealousy? Not even a little bit? 

First, she tempts me so much that I can't get rid of my boner, then, she punches me and insults me more than anyone ever has, and now- she ignores what's happening. 

This woman is testing every bit of patience I have in me. 

Sarah is well aware of the attraction I have for her- a sudden one, but she kind of created the whole deal herself, and she won't acknowledge the fact even if I scream at the top of my lungs.

"Great. You're in number nine; here's the key for you," the receptionist hands Sarah a key and places another on the desk. She turns to me and winks, "And an extra key for the Alpha."

"Oh, I'm not staying with her." The moment those words cross my lips, I regret ever saying them. Her eyes light up with excitement, so I quickly grab the spare key and mutter, "I changed my mind."

I grab Sarah by the wrist and pull her out of the hotel before the receptionist can try to talk more than she already has. 

Normally I don't have a problem with women hitting on me, but this woman gives me the creeps. There's something seriously wrong with her. 

We walk around the hotel toward the cabins and find the one with a huge number nine painted on the door. I unlock it with the spare key and open the door for Sarah. 

As soon as she enters, she gasps. "Do you like it?" I chuckle, shaking my head. 

"Are you kidding me? This place is perfect! Thank you!" Sarah sounds a little too excited to act like a grown woman, but I give her the moment of pure joy. 

"Good, good. Now," I step closer, wrap my arms around her waist, and pull her back against my chest, "It's about time to come clean." My voice loses any amusement that was in the air earlier; now, we are talking business and the safety of my pack. 

"What do you mean?"

"Why are you here? And don't give me any bullshit excuses. I want to know why you are on my territory without sending a message about a possible arrival ahead of time. I want to know why you came to my club and punched me like there was no tomorrow. No hard feelings, but I need to know." Question after question escapes my lips as I ignore her attempts to break free. 

She finally realises that I won't back down, so Sarah stops trying to get out of my grip. "Oh, I didn't know I had to send a message to come here." She lies. I know she’s lying because her body tenses and breath hitches. 

"Bullshit, if you weren't of higher rank among the cats, I wouldn't be able to pick up your scent. Higher ranks are aware of the protocol and the peace agreement between us and your kind. I won't repeat the questions again, so you'd better speak up before I lose my patience."

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Marrie Mitipelo
erm... He's... Really Kewt. But... Sarah isn't picking up on... Any of the signs!!!
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Sarah Brownlow
loving the story so far . can't wait for more chapters

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