Are you sure you want to stop?

Sarah pov

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Not only is the Alpha, of all people, holding me captive, but he seems to understand when I'm lying. God damn it, whatever leftovers of luck I had- they all left me. May the odds forever be against me. 

I take a few deep breaths, contemplating if speaking up is worth the risk I take by coming clean with a damn wolf. 

He doesn't take my silence well- Luka leans to my neck, runs his tongue over my skin, and whispers, "Don't worry, kitten, I have a few ideas on how to get you to talk. You're not getting out of here." 

The only thought that crosses my mind is to push him away, but Luka's grip on me is worse than that of an anaconda's. He suffocates me as he holds me so flush against his body that I can't move. 

At moments like this, I remember how much I hate wolves. We, cats, can flaunt sharp instincts and the ability to climb trees better than others, but wolves have two important things against us- strength and speed. 

I regain my senses when Luka pulls me onto his lap and grips my hips. My legs are on either side of his thighs as if he assumes I enjoy straddling him. To make matters worse, his grip tightens, and I'm sure I'll have a couple of unneeded bruises on my skin tomorrow morning. 

Luka moves my body so that I'm grinding against him in the same motion I did back at the club. "Oh, so we are recreating the scene from the club? Is this the moment I punch you, or should I wait a little longer?" 

I bite the inside of my cheek and force my lips together into a thin line to prevent a moan from escaping me. I wish I could ignore the bulge in his pants rubbing right against my sex, but I can't.

I am, after all, a living, breathing, sexual being. I've never been ashamed of the fact that I enjoy physical contact with men, and I won't allow anyone to make me feel bad for being the way I am. 

"I get the impression that you enjoy this part more than what followed when we first met. Besides, you know I'm not the guy you were looking for, so there's no reason to attack me again. Should I mention TWO times I saved your sweet ass?" Luka groans and lifts his hips to create more intense friction. 

Against my better judgement, I roll my eyes and try to get off of him. I won't grace him with an answer while he's acting like a pervert. 

I've never let an Alpha in my bed, and I have no intention of changing my mind about them. 

If that's possible, his grip tightens more than before, "You owe me some answers, kitten. If I were you, I wouldn't move. You might give the wrong impression and encourage me to taste you." Luka hisses, half closing his eyes. 

"I don't owe you a thing. Weren't you the one who dragged me to the hotel and volunteered to pay for the cabin?" I argue, placing my hands on his shoulders and trying to pry myself away from the madman. 

A deep, throaty chuckle escapes him, "I'm also an Alpha of this pack whom, by the way, you attacked. I think I deserve an answer or two after the mess you created." He opens his eyes and captures my gaze as a sly grin spreads across his lips. "Anyway, if you still won't change your mind, I can always call the leader of your pack and invite him here. Maybe then, you'll feel a little more talkative." 

When Luka mentions the leader, a wave of cold shivers runs down my spine. For years, I've done everything I could to avoid that bastard, and now, he'd come here just because I'm too stubborn to talk? 

I gulp. "O-okay, I'll answer, just l- let go of me." I stutter. It's not just the fear of facing that man I feel; another issue is how damn turned on I am right now- I can't trust myself anymore. 

"Are you sure you want to stop? The whole cabin reeks of your arousal, and darling, I don't mind- I don't mind at fucking all." Luka's hand travels from my hip up to the back of my neck as he pulls me closer. His teeth graze my skin as his hips move upward a little faster. 

Under other circumstances, I might get lost in the sensations, but having his canines so close to the marking spot is just the thing to snap me out of my daze. I clear my throat and state with confidence. "Absolutely sure." 

Luka groans, obviously annoyed. "Like sure, sure?"


Finally, he helps me off his lap and stands up. With his back to me, I can see him adjusting his pants. A tiny part of me is a little disappointed that I didn't take the chance when it was presented to me on a silver platter. 

Well, maybe I would have if it weren't for the fact that Luka is an Alpha. 

He turns around, and all amusement disappears from his features. I suppose he's in a full Alpha mode now. "Alright, tell me why you are here- all the reasons for your arrival, not just the innocent ones. I'm good at telling when I'm being lied to, so think before trying. Also, I'm still curious about why you went to the club. I understand that you mistook me for someone else, but what was the reason for your attack in the first place?"

I avert my gaze and hope he won't sit down next to me. As long as there's some distance between us, Luka might miss the fact of how violently my heart is pounding against my ribcage. "I went to the club because my best friend told me that his cheating ex goes there every Friday night, and well, it's Friday. The guy broke my best friend's heart, so I was determined to break his nose. The description fits, so I acted without thinking. That's about it."

Luka hums, and to my great displeasure, sits next to me. "What's her name?" 

"Huh?" I raise an eyebrow. Who is he talking about now? Since when do we involve more people in this conversation?

Luka throws an arm around my shoulders and pulls me closer to his side. Does he think we are friends? "Your best friend, what's her name? Perhaps I do deserve the punches after all." 

I glare at him. Luka's facial expression is so intense that I almost burst out laughing. He really thinks I'm talking about a chick! I turn my body to savour any emotion he might show as I whisper. "Not her; it's a he."

Luka pales and coughs as I still struggle to stifle my laughter. "If that's the case, I don't deserve any. I don't roll down that road." 

He's fun to mess with, I have to admit, so I take the opportunity he's given me and lean in a little closer. "Maybe, but now, I know the Alpha is a cheater since you have so gracefully come to terms with the fact that those punches might be something you deserve." 

Luka sinks back on the sofa, slaps a hand over his forehead, and groans, "You and your fucking mouth."

"Me and my wonderful mouth." I mock him and raise my voice a little to sound more like a child than a grown woman. 

"Is that why you're here?" He doesn't bother to look at me anymore. So that's it? The moment I get on the Alpha's nerves to an extent, he's going to swallow and believe everything I say? Maybe the conversation isn't going as badly as I thought. 

"Partly. I visited Cade to see how he's settling into the new apartment with his new boyfriend. Let's say I've found a way to combine the useful with the pleasant." I shrug and follow his lead, leaning back on the sofa. 


I jump to my feet and glare at the Alpha. Great, just when I thought we were over this nonsense, he had to burst my bubble. "Ah, so not only can you see when someone is lying, but now you notice when the person is trying to withhold information?" 

"A talent of mine. So what's the reason you fell right into my lap, besides visiting a friend and tracking down his cheating ex?" His gaze is challenging as if he expects me to lie and give him a chance to 'handle me' the way he prefers. 

"The heat season."

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