I don't listen to orders; I'm the one barking them.

Lazarus pov

I notice her as soon as she enters the pub. It's the first time I've seen her, but a woman like her can't pass by unnoticed. God damn it, since when a Goddess like her roams around a pack like this? 

The skimpy red dress hugs her curves perfectly, and the length of it begs for me to drag her into the office and bend her over the table. 

Her body freezes as I wrap an arm around her waist and pull her back against my chest, but after a few seconds, she relaxes. 

"Well, hello there, hot stuff," I whisper near her ear. 

She ignores my greeting and closes her eyes, only to continue dancing. She presses her ass against my crotch and moves her hips. A slight smirk spreads across my lips as she jumps up when she feels my erection against her ass. 

That's what you get if you decide to grind against a cock, especially when you're so fucking seductive. 

I try to lean to her neck and offer to leave this place, but the tiny spitfire is quick enough to grab my hand and try to break free of my grip. Feisty, I love it. 

She thought she was distracting me, and I'd be like any other wolf who loses touch with reality when my dick gets erect. As if. 

I want to make fun of the failed attempt, but she forces her heel against my foot, and I hiss under my breath. I know what she's up to, but it won't happen, not on my watch. 

I tighten my hold around her waist and place my hand on her neck. "You don't want to play with me." I don't say anything else; my words are a mere statement, not an attempt to convince her. 

I'm more than happy to show her everything I'm capable of.

Besides, she may be feisty and hot as hell, but she's tiny. 

If she tried to turn around and look me in the eye, she'd have to stare up. The only way she'd be able to meet my gaze would be if I got down on my knees or, even better, if she sat on my lap.

"Let go of me!" The tiny spitfire tries to break free of my grip. 

I lean down to her ear again and whisper. "First of all, calm your tits. You can ignore me; I don't mind watching them bounce. I don't listen to orders; I'm the one barking them."

She makes no secret of how frantically she tries to search the crowd. I don't think I saw her come in with anyone. 

Well, I wasn't paying attention either because my eyes were glued on this fine ass. 

"I'm waiting for my boyfriend." She snaps me out of my thoughts, and for a second, I lose the ability to speak. 

No man in this pub has even a hint of her scent clinging to them; there's no way- she must be lying. 

Being a shifter herself, she should know the price of lying. Unmated women are free to claim. 

My gaze sweeps over the crowd, and I chuckle. "Then we will wait for this boyfriend together. It would be a shame to let a beautiful woman roam this place alone. This is a dangerous establishment, darling, full of unmated men waiting for the opportunity to force their canines down your seductive throat. I'm a gentleman. If I wasn't one, I'd throw you over my shoulder and take you home as soon as I noticed you." I emphasise the last part of my statement. 

She quickly spins around and stares at me. I almost have to laugh at her face when she finally looks at me, but she has some fire in her. 

In the blink of an eye, she regains her composure and hisses at me. "I said fuck off!" 

I pull her closer to me, if that's possible, and grin at the woman. "If I see something I like, I'll take it. Why don't we wait and see how real your boyfriend is." 

She keeps trying to get away from me, but I won't let her. Regardless of which shifter you are, the most important law is the same for everyone. I saw her, I approached her first, and if she is unclaimed, I have the right to claim her. 

She's of age, her eyes keep flickering between the colours, so I know her cat is interested. This is the first time I've seen a cat that's not afraid of wolves. Interesting.

 "One dance," she mutters under her breath, and I grin like an idiot. That's more like it. 

We don't have many newcomers here, so a new face is quite refreshing. Besides, I travelled here to visit my brother; running into a nympho like her is a pure coincidence. One lucky motherfucker I am, indeed.

And now, I have no intention of letting her go, not tonight. A woman like her is not only a feast for the eyes but a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to taste. 

I know my men had their eyes on her as soon as she entered this God-forsaken place, and I'd love to challenge them all to get a piece of her. 

Her hips move to the rhythm of the music, and I could swear she's doing it all on purpose. Maybe she plans to keep up with the game and leave me standing in the middle of the fucking dance floor with a damn erection pressing against my zipper.

"You're a great dancer," I say, leaning to her neck and breathing in her scent. Whatever it is about her- she drives me crazy. 

She forgot about said boyfriend sooner than I thought. The scent of her arousal hits my nostrils, and I immediately emit a low, possessive growl to warn anyone who caught on to it. 

"You're not so bad yourself," she almost moans. Damn, how seductive can she be? A woman like her should be praised like a Goddess and fucked like the dirtiest little slut every night. 

My hand slides to her breast, and I cup it. She doesn't seem to mind, so I squeeze it, enjoying her size. 

I lean to her neck, and my lips instantly assault her skin. She melts in my arms and tilts her head to give me better access, so I shamelessly slide my hand down to her sex and cup it. 

From now on, anyone who interrupts our moment will become my nemesis, and I'll wreak havoc here until there is no man left standing. 

Yet, if the said boyfriend isn't a figment of her imagination, she could leave me at any moment, and there's nothing I can do to stop her as she's not part of this pack. 

To make things easier, I slowly walk to the back of the dance floor, pulling her with me so we're hidden from unwanted attention. 

The closer I get to the hall leading to the restrooms, the more I understand how badly I screwed up. I knew a taste wouldn't be enough as soon as my eyes fell on her. 

As I suspected- I want more. Way more than pointless grinding against each other and a few kisses here and there.

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Ese Nam
Sarah nd her reckless moves. Now Luka got a damn competition
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does any1 know when the next update is or the schedule?
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great story - how often do you update?

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