Something I'll regret in the morning.

Sarah pov

If Luka thought he could keep me from the danger that only he sees, he has another thing coming. I've been raised and tortured by a man I'd call the Devil himself. The possible danger that Luka sees is nothing compared to what I had to see and live through. 

I wait twenty minutes just to make sure the Alpha doesn't come back. God, how I hate these kinds of men. Dominant, possessive and demanding - they act like they're on top of the world while others are nothing but dirt under their feet. 

I don't leave the cabin until I'm sure Luka is gone. I double-check that the door is locked and head towards the main hotel building. 

As expected, the same woman is sitting behind the front desk and flashes me a bright smile as I step closer. "The Alpha left without a formal speech; I take it?" The grin on her face widens even more as the words pass her lips like carefully calculated passive-aggressive attacks. 

I shrug and let my eyes wander over the place. It's beautiful- the light tones match the huge chandelier hanging over our heads. 

"Hey, don't be sad; that's just the way the Alpha is. It's a case of charity if he feels sorry for someone, or it's a quick fuck. It's up to you which you choose. If it came down to my opinion, I'd go with the latter; the Moon Goddess knows I would. He's still mateless, this pack has no Luna, and even if you don't want the title, you can still have the man. God, that ass." Whatever leaves her mouth over the next five minutes fades away. I ignore any attempt this woman makes to speak for her Alpha. I didn't come here to hook up with a man; I came here passing by, with a tiny hope that I could hide. 

I let out a frustrated breath and turned to face the woman. "Look, I'm not here for your Alpha, and I'm not interested in him. I won't stand in your way, so go ahead and shoot; I'll be here cheering you on. If it's that important, I'm the charity case. So it happened that I needed help, and Luka decided to offer his hand in a difficult situation." I try to sound careless, but I'm pretty sure this woman can read everyone better than the grannies in my hometown. 

To be fair, I'm not lying. I didn't come here with the intention of attacking the Alpha and having him help me out of a difficult situation. As soon as the heat season ends, I'll leave this place for good. 

I can't go back home unless I'm up to another year of torture, so maybe I'll try to find a job here, save some money, and move to start my life over. A new clean page and a fresh start sound perfect. 

"Well, more for us to get then. Anyway, can I help you? Around this hour, everyone is asleep; we don't see guests roaming the place very often." This time, the smile on her face seems genuine. I'm not sure if it's because of the Alpha I obviously don't want or if she's just pretending. 

"Actually, yes, there is something you could help me with. I was wondering if there was a car rental place nearby and if it was still working. I know it's late, but I can't sleep, and driving around seems like the best way to get my mind off things. Problems and stress, you know." My gaze wanders everywhere but at her curious face. 

I didn't want to come here and spill my secrets, even if she looks like someone who's used to listening. Yet, my experience shows how dangerous it is to trust people, especially those I barely know. 

It's a common misconception that terrible experiences and bad events bring everyone closer together. It doesn't work that way. My personal Hell is dark and dangerous; it's better if no one knows the details. Besides, for all I know, this woman could be someone crying over a broken nail and doesn't know what real pain feels like. I know this a little too well. Sadly. 

Before I manage to pull myself into the dark abyss of fears, the receptionist speaks up. "As a matter of fact, we don't have any rental places around this area. However, the hotel does offer some of our cars to guests, for an additional fee, of course. If you need it now, I can get you one, but it'll take a few minutes before I can hand you the keys. Are you in a hurry, or can you wait?" 

I've never been so grateful for anyone as I am for this woman. No unnecessary questions are asked; it's all business. 

I assure her that it's okay for me to wait while she fills out the paperwork. Although I insist that I can cover the cost of the car, she doesn't give in because the Alpha has given some orders. Whatever I do, take, or, heaven forbid break, goes on his account. Luka's a stubborn, annoying fucker. A gentleman and a saviour, but annoying nonetheless. 

As the receptionist enters the door behind her, which I didn't notice earlier, I start to wonder if this is a good idea. Maybe following an instinct to do whatever I want is not such a good idea after all. Who knows, perhaps I'll get myself into more trouble. "Fuck it!" I hiss under my breath to get rid of the doubtful thoughts. 

Staying in the cabin like Luka's pet isn't going to do me any good. Even if I sacrifice a few hours of sleep, getting out will do me more good than harm. I need to get away from that hotel. 

"Here it is. You're getting the bright red car parked in front of the main entrance," the receptionist hands me the keys and a piece of paper. "This is the vehicle registration; if you get pulled over, you'll need it. Please, be careful and if you stop by one of the bars or clubs, drink responsibly. Every establishment in the area has the hotels' number. So if you get a little carried away, tell them to call us, and we'll get you back safely." 

I flash the receptionist a smile and thank her before leaving the hotel. As the door opens and a gust of wind blows in my face, I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding. Lying to people has always been one of my biggest fears. It's easy for me to be honest and sincere, but as soon as I have to lie, even if only for my own good, I struggle. It's so hard to remember the lies- I'd get tangled in the web I created if I lied more than once a year. 

My eyes spot the bright red car. My God, it's so beautiful. Maybe even too beautiful to drive. I'm pretty sure a car like this deserves a place in an exhibition, not in a parking lot in front of a hotel building. 

I almost sprint to the car and get in before I change my mind. The sound of the engine is almost inaudible, so the moment I pull out of the parking lot, it feels like I'm sitting on a cloud, not driving a massive pile of metal. 

I don't bother to keep track of time, slowly letting the worries go and stress fade. Just when I thought I had enough time to myself, I noticed a huge neon sign on the building not too far from me. Curiosity gets the better of me, and I park near the building. 

It's a pub, and judging by its appearance, it must be a historic building. I'm not in the mood to have a drink, but the music I can hear from afar is inviting me to go inside. 

I didn't expect all eyes to be on me as I step inside. To be polite, I nod to everyone who gets in my way and walk straight to the tiny dance floor, disappearing in the crowd. Once my heart stops racing, I let myself get carried away by the music. 

I don't drink or accept drinks from strangers, but my surroundings fade as I allow the weird daze to take over me. Only when strong arms grab hold of me and pull me away from the dance floor, do I come back to senses. Unfamiliar but hot lips assault my neck as I give in to temptation. Whatever I'm about to do, it must be something I'll regret in the morning.

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