Second, again, he's a cop.

Sarah pov

Holy crap, I did it! I mustered up enough courage and strength to break free from his arms and run away. A loud, annoyed huff leaves my lips as I think about how I've once again taken the chance to run away from everything I want and everything I fear. "He's a goddamn Alpha; get your head back in the game!" I hiss to myself, fixing my gaze on the road ahead. 

I don't have any personal belongings, so leaving the hotel won't set me back by anything. Besides, I'll leave the car at the border; I'm just borrowing it, not stealing it. 

All I see is the road and the endless forests that surround it. Sure, the view is more than beautiful, but I can't focus on nature and stay here. Within a few hours, I've managed to attract the attention of two Alphas. 

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Marrie Mitipelo
Oh... My... GOODNESS!!! AH... Is this For REAL??? This guy JUST SCREAMS... HOT!!! OI... GEEZ SARAH!!!
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Yes officer. I’ve been a naughty girl
goodnovel comment avatar
Kelly Rohrer
Oh my freaking lord .........

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