A golden ticket.

Lazarus pov

I may have lied. But only a little bit. 

Sure, I'm a cop, and it's easier to find someone if I use my connections, but I didn't have to do that to find the cat. 

She's the only cat shifter in a pack full of wolves, so everyone knows where she is at all times. 

It's not just her intoxicating scent but the fact that there's another shifter running around the territory, one that's kind of supposed to be our enemy. As ridiculous as it is, some older generations still believe that cats and dogs don't get along. 

Well, if their words were true, I wouldn't be here. 

I'll let her think that I came

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Comments (5)
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Sheronda Maye
You go on and take care of you before ANYTHING no matter who may not like it .You're doing a great job. I wouldn't complain as I've never written anything unless it was for a grade.
goodnovel comment avatar
Vicki Albertson
Great so far. I'm hooked. you take all the time you need for healing. I sort of understand where you're coming from. I've had two surgeries on the lumbar spine and one on thecervical spine. It's a slow tecovery process.
goodnovel comment avatar
Cheryl Lewis-Hamil
I so hope your wrist gets better, I kniw the feeling and it us very painful

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