How about a bet?

Luka pov

I'm at a loss for words. How did he find out about Sarah? It hasn't been twenty-four hours since I met this woman, and Lenox already sits in my damn office. No, I can't consider his knowledge and presence the biggest problem. 

My main concern should be finding out who's spreading information beyond our borders. It's not that I care if Lenox finds out anything going on in my district; what I'm concerned about is who is the next person who will get to know more. 

Today it's my brother; tomorrow, it may be an enemy. I can't have a traitor or spy running around giving information to those who don't belong to the district. 

We may have a huge territory and three powerful Alphas leading it, but we

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Marrie Mitipelo
Thus is a good book! Great detail! A Cat tale!!! Woohooo Sarah has 3 Alphas UP, UP... UP .........
goodnovel comment avatar
Kelly Rohrer
Uhhh ohhh lol it’s gonna be good
goodnovel comment avatar
Sarah seems to only like Lazarus though. I don’t have a connection with Lenox so I don’t care. But I feel bad for Luka! So far I’m not a fan of Sarah.

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