That's what moms are for.

Lazarus pov

"No idea; that's something I'll have to find out. Right now, there's no time. We're on our way, but remember to keep your phone close and please, check up on your mother for me." Dad says before he ends the call.

He knows he doesn't have to wait for an answer from me because I will do as he asks without verbal agreement.

I shove the phone back inside my pocket, unlock the office door and head upstairs. I could go back to the kitchen, but something's telling me the situation I created still might be as tense as it was when I left.

Besides, Luka and Sarah are looking after Alister, and I'm sure my boy won't let go of Sarah for a while now that he got his hands on her.

Not that I blame him, I can't seem to fight the temptation to cling to her myself, so it's only natural he does too. On top of that, Alister quickly accepted Sarah as his mother without asking questions or being close to her for an intense amount of time, so I should touch on that question pretty soon.

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Emily Knight
amazing ... thank you. I love this book
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K.K. Winter
Coming out in a few minutes, wrapping up the next update, love
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Emily Knight
I can't wait for the next chapter! I've been refreshing all day ......

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