Look at me when you cum. [Slight 18+]

Sarah pov


I stand before the wall-length mirror and stare at my belly. I'm supposed to get dressed, but the best I can do is the underwear I'm wearing.

The stress is getting to me, and I can't find it within myself to get done and over with today's plans. Besides, the reflection in the mirror distracts me.

On instinct, my hands cradle my almost flat lower belly. I'm sure I'm already showing some signs of pregnancy, but the brothers keep reminding me that I'm still as fit as ever.

It would be better if Lenox wouldn't feed me cookies every day, though, because now I'm not sure if the little extra flesh on my body is pregnancy or the sweets he wants me to eat.

Apparently, his mother told him that pregnant women crave sweets if they're expecting girls, and he's convinced that if I eat enough cookies, I'm giving him the daughter he wants.

A smile tugs on my lips as I think of his endless rants about a little, crazy warrior princess. Lenox has built so many plans about
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Marrie Mitipelo
Finally. Sarah gets to face her brother. She got away... Angus. Has his Own dreans.
goodnovel comment avatar
Nicky Longhurst
Wow that was hot, I'm still blushing! Aw finally she's going to meet her brother, I wonder how that'll go? Bahahaha Optimus Prime!! :-D
goodnovel comment avatar
Aawwe…. Really want to know what happens… she will see her real brother?

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