Trust, respect, love.

Sarah pov

My brother is the most awesome person I've ever met.

First of all, Gabriel and I are so alike; I'm surprised I didn't notice the resemblance before I met him as my brother. This is what I need to thank Lenox for, as he was the one who noticed the resemblance first and told me about my brother's existence.

We visited the pack as a family a couple of times already, and my incredible partners accompanied me every step of the way.

Now, we're lounging on the sofa in my brother's living room. I've grown a little in the middle, which makes them all swoon over me. It's irritating at times, but I still love them all nevertheless.

Someone's phone starts ringing, and I roll my eyes. Having three Alphas as life partners is quite amazing until they have to jump out for their work whenever we find a moment for ourselves.

Surprisingly, he ignores the first couple of calls until I can't take it anymore and groan, "Could you please pick up the phone?"

"But love, this is our evenin
K. K. Winter

You really thought I wouldn't break hearts this close to the end? Please.

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Marrie Mitipelo
I won't accept that... Lenox and Sarah have somwthing special...
goodnovel comment avatar
Gin Mi Vida Belleza
since k.k says its close to the end I'm hoping its a sequel to this..
goodnovel comment avatar
Emily Knight
This wait is killing me ... I can't wait for the next chapter

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