Pure gold, remember?

Sarah pov

“If anything, they should let the family at least be closer! I get it, if it’s something serious, no one should be in the way of doctors when they’re trying to save mom’s life, but I get why men aren’t allowed there. No disrespect, but you guys would chew off their heads if they touched her the way you disapprove.” I state my concerns without an ounce of guilt.

I’m literally shaking in fear for mom’s life, but I can’t let anyone see how much it affects me since I’m surrounded by men who look far worse than I do.

I love Seth; over the time I’ve spent here, we grew closer, and she’s like my own mother, but these men have to start thinking with their heads instead of asses.

“I’ll look for a doctor, but you must stay here. Can you?” I let my gaze roam the faces until Luciano steps forward and agrees on everyone’s behalf.

Before anyone can try to stop me, I rush down the hall until I find a nurse. She looks worried, on her way somewhere, but I still stop her. “Excuse me, I’
K. K. Winter

PLOT TWIST: I almost forgot to add one tiny detail to pull the story together. Sorries, the book will have a few extra chapters...

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Louise Von Dohren Lane
So love your work captivating, suspenseful and keeping us begging for more.. KK you genius
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Gin Mi Vida Belleza
papi puss he's gone..I think somebody is rubbing off on someone lol..
goodnovel comment avatar
K.K. Winter
I answered a similar comment in this chapter already :)

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