I’ll buy ice cream later.

Sarah pov

“I didn’t expect to see you ever again, if we’re being completely honest with each other here,” I try to sound brave and confident, despite how wildly my heart is beating against my ribcage.

He. He is the last man I’d ever want to see. Even if this man was the only thing that stood between me and death, I would rather jump in the arms of Grim Reaper than face this bastard ever again.

“Well, too bad I don’t care, right?” He grins, leaning against the door.

I can’t resist rolling my eyes at his question. As if I would ever care what he thinks or cares about. All I want is to leave my past where it belongs and live my life without the sick reminders of what happened.

“No, I’m not interested in your little speech. What I am interested in is how you’re planning to get out of here before anyone notices your presence here.” It’s weird to feel the sense of power fill me.

I’ve feared him all my life, and even now, as I face him, I still feel a bit of that fear hanging some
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amber sweet
I f****** love this chapter
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Kelly Rohrer
Ommmfffgggggg Lenox is so freaking amazing
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Cristy Carter
Another great chapter, love Lenox.

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