Don't encourage Lenox to be himself.

Lazarus pov

On the bright side, we are in the hospital, which is literally the one place I know gets cleaned up the fastest and with the most efficiency since everything has to be sterile.

On the not so bright side, my brother is covered head to toe in blood, waving someone's spine in front of us, and has a dead body next to his feet.

"All I need are those fake pink wings, and I'll transform into a fairy. One of these days, I will become a worm and then evolve into an even more beautiful fairy," Lenox laughs in excitement.

I pinch the bridge of my nose and groan, "Lenox, that's not how it-"I stop myself before I can finish the sentence.

Sometimes it's better to let him be. Explaining something to him will make this mess even more unbearable, and I rather stay aside.

Before my brother can express more of his outrageous ideas, a nurse cleans her throat behind us. She arches her eyebrow at me as if I'm the one who's responsible for his mess, and I mouth, 'don't even ask'.

Her eyes
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Marrie Mitipelo
THIS Chapter... Lenox the menox... He's AWESOME I tell You .........
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Cristy Carter
,Another great chapter, I try to wait so I can read a couple in row but I just can't. lol
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Diana Johnson
Sorry hit the wrong key. I must really have a twisted sense of humor. But I just love how Lenox behaves and his funny but twisted explanations. Wonderful story by the way!!

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