Chapter Forty- The Devil She Doesn't Know Part Eleven

But that look in his eyes told me to expect him later, maybe in the depth of the night and his devilish smile made me too aware that this was only the beginning.


Although those captivating, strangely haunting cobalt blue eyes that had went a few shades lighter and were now an ethereal icy blue were boldly gazing directly into mine, I still foolishly whipped my head back as though I was hoping the question was directed at the non-existent person behind me.

My lips were slightly parted, I was dry of words and too consternated to formulate any sensible words. I must have looked just as gawky and anxious as I felt. My horny mind had abandoned me and now I was left stripped of all courage and feeling like I had been put on the spot. I was naked under the most shiny spotlight there is, that was the feeling I got as Cassien's eyes raked down my body before locking with mine with even more intensity. It felt like tenths of minutes had passed, while in rea
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