Chapter Forty One

Chapter Forty One- Two Devils, Twice The Temptation, Twice The Desire Part One

I felt like the night was not over yet. Maybe it was the seeping moisture and the throbbing between my legs making me crave a more satisfying end to an eventful night.

~• /////_//// •~

I checked over my shoulder again and there was no one remaining in sight.

Much to my relief. This night had been too eventful and I needed to ensure that it ends on a less dramatic note. A lot of the moments replayed in my mind as I took a slow ascend languidly, finally being able to relax. I realised that I had analyzed the moments more than I thought I had, seeing as I was inebriated by the overflow of potent, domineering masculine energy, seeing as I was basking in the energy of breathtakingly hot dark gods.

I had observed how Cassien was similar to the Devil in many aspects physically, but he carried himself differently. For one, he was nowhere near as taut and naturally imposing and frightening and he
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