Change of plan

Lucas carefully deposited the tempting beauty in his arms on the bed in his guest room. She is tempting his self-control in her small pink silk bathrobe, which barely reaches her upper thighs. 

'It's not her mistake that you kidnapped her from her room. You didn't give her time to get dressed ' he scolded himself.

He averted his gaze from her soft milk-white legs with difficulty. He wanted to caress her soft porcelain skin.

'What the hell is wrong with me? Why is it so difficult to control myself today? It's not like I never saw a beautiful woman before. But no one managed to tempt me like this one. She is not even trying anything ' he thought to himself with a frown.

He shook his head and left the room with a long purpose full strides. Lucas walked into his home office to call Michael. He clearly remembers the day when Michael came to him with a proposal.

Two days ago...

Lucas was busy with the new chain of restaurants he planned to open in every city. He started his business with a chain of coffee shops. They became popular among young people. He began to get more profits in less time. So he decided to start a new restaurant chain with his profits. 

Lucas doesn't need money. Thanks to his coffee shops, he earned more than he can spend in this lifetime. But he doesn't want to stop. He liked the chase to reach the top in everything he started. Now that his coffee shops are the most sought after around the world, he decided to go after something else. That's when he came up with this new business venture.

"Lucas" Michael shifted inside his cabin. This used to startle him in the beginning, but now he got used to this. 

"You never change, will you? You know I hate it if you shift directly inside my cabin. But you do it anyway" Lucas muttered without looking away from the files he was reading.

Michael chuckled with amusement.

"You got used to it, why does it matter now?" he replied lazily and settled on the couch leisurely.

Lucas sighed and diverted his attention towards Michael.

"What do you want this time? You made yourself comfortable on that couch. That means you want something which you know I wouldn't like" Lucas pointed out. 

Michael grinned mischievously.

"You know me so well" he praised the other man proudly.

Lucas looked at Michael sceptically.

"What do you want?" he came directly to the point. He doesn't like to beat around the bush.

"I need a small from you" Michael confessed looking at Lucas with his calculating gaze.

"I understood that. What is it?" Lucas demanded?

If it is anyone else, then Michael would have punished them for talking to him like this. But this is Lucas, who is like his son, he can never hurt him. Lucas is still a little sore over the fact that he hid about the details of his birth for so long. When he found out about the truth, he refused to talk to Michael for 2 years. In that time he started his business and became successful.

Michael is like a godfather to Lucas. They both share a great rapport. Neither Michael nor Lucas will never reveal that they like each other. In her quest to protect Lucas, the fairy goddess took the help of the Archangel. They let a human family raise Lucas until the age of 18, after which they revealed the truth behind his birth. Now Lucas is 30 years old and he came to terms with what happened and began to understand his mother better.

"You have to kidnap Lucifer's daughter" Michael revealed. Lucas is not at all shocked by his outrageous demand. He simply shook his head and returned his attention back to his files.

"You know I hate your politics. Find someone else" he refused like he always does.

Michael sighed heavily.

"Angels are forbidden to enter into the underworld. I cannot send humans or fairies. They are not capable of this task. I heard Lucifer is trying to take over the human world. As the lord of this world, I cannot let that happen. So I need leverage to make him stop. He never listens to reason" Michael explained.

Lucas doesn't care about all of that. Like he said, he hates their politics. 

"Find someone else" Lucas repeated his earlier words, still reading his files.

A calculating gleam entered into Michael's eyes.

"You know your parents are dying. If you do this for me, I will help them to reunite in their next life. As the lord of the humans, it's easy for me" he bargained.

That caught Lucas's attention. 

His parents are losing their powers and dying because his mother chose to give birth to him rather than kill him. His life means their death. He was guilty that he is the reason why they are dying. Now he got a chance to help them. He would do anything if it means it could help his parents.

"Alright. I will kidnap her, you be ready to collect her" Lucas agreed.

End of flashback.

Lucas shook his head when he remembered why he kidnapped that girl. He doesn't want to do that, but Michael promised him that the girl would be unharmed. 

'This is for my parents ' he repeated again.

His call to the Archangel got connected and Michael answered the call on the third ring.

"Lucas" Michael answered.

"I got the girl. You can come and collect her now" Lucas came straight to the point.

Michael paused on the other end, which made Lucas suspicious.

"What the hell Michael, are you coming or not?" he demanded.

He already went out of his way and kidnapped this girl. He doesn't need complications.

"I invited Lucifer to talk about the issue and resolve it amicably. I thought he wouldn't come. But he accepted my invitation and he agreed to come. I think it's not good to tell him that we kidnapped his daughter at this time" Michael revealed hesitantly.

Lucas is now fuming with anger.

"Then why did you ask me to kidnap her? What do you want me to do now? I will just send her back to the underworld" he muttered the last part with irritation.

He is worried he would give in to her temptation if he spends more time with that girl. That would surely bring her father to breathe down his neck. He is not scared of Lucifer, but it is wrong to kidnap his daughter as well.

Michael frowned, contemplating what Lucas just said.

"What if he refuses to see reason? We need something to change his mind then. So why don't you just let the girl stay with you for a few days?" Michael pleaded.

Lucas gritted his teeth.

"You have only two options. Either take her away from here or I will send her back to the underworld. Which one is it?" he demanded angrily. He already did what the archangel asked him to do. Keeping this woman in his house is impossible.

Michael sighed.

"You agreed to help me" he reminded softly. No matter what, Michael can never raise his voice on Lucas.

Lucas clenched his fists.

"I only agreed to kidnap her. I never said I would let her stay in my house until you solve your mess" Lucas reminded him.

Michael remained silent for a moment.

"If you don't help me, then I don't have anyone else whom I can ask for help. I only have you. Won't you help me? I promise I will never ask you for these kinds of things again. Please Lucas, just for only a few days. I promise I will take care of her after that" Michael is guilt-tripping Lucas, which he is sure would work. 

Lucas rubbed his temples tiredly. He remembered how Michael taught him to write, to ride a bike. How Michael taught him to fight back when he found out that a kid is Bullying Lucas. Michael is the one who was there for him since his childhood. He cannot abandon that man when he needs his help. Moreover, Michael never forced him to do anything which he doesn't want to do. This is the first time. So Lucas reluctantly agreed, even though he knows that he would regret this.

"Fine" he agreed.

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Sammy Jo Thibodeau
i like the story so far, but the grammar and spelling need work. my adhd brain has a hard time coping with these kinds of mistakes.
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This book has my full attention I can tell this going to be good ! And hopefully hot lol
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Joseph Acord
this book is very good so far ,and I like it .......

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