Lola woke up feeling disoriented. Slowly she sat up holding her head with a groan.

"Why do I feel like I drank too much last night?" She muttered to herself with a frown. 

Slowly she opened her eyes and blinked a couple of times to adjust to the bright light streaming into the room. The moment her eyes adjusted to her surroundings, she began to panic looking at the unfamiliar room. 

The room is huge, almost double the size of her own room in the underworld. She looked at herself and sighed with relief when she found that her pink robe is intact and nothing seems to be out of place in her body. She clenched her feminine walls to rule out what she is suspecting is not true.

"Ok, I am still a virgin and I didn't sleep with anyone last night. Then where the hell am I?" She wondered out loud.

The thought that she might have been kidnapped not even crossed her mind. She is the princess of the underworld, and no one would dare to touch her, let alone kidnap her. Everyone is scared to face Lucifer's wrath.

Slowly she stood up and walked towards one of the oak doors. She opened it and found that it was a huge bathroom with a jacuzzi at the far end. She closed the door and opened the other one. She was greeted by an empty hallway. 

"What is this place? Is it dad? He must have thought that I would feel lonely in the underworld when he is gone. So he must have decided to bring me to the human world with him" she thought looking at the modern architecture of the huge mansion.

She decided to freshen up before she went in search of her father. With that thought in mind, she finished her morning routine as fast as she could. She is excited to visit the human world for the first time.

At the back of her mind, she is feeling sceptical about this whole thing. Lucifer will never bring his daughter to any place in just a flimsy bathrobe. But she is too excited to analyse her thoughts.

Wrapped in a small towel, she noticed a door leading into the closet on the other end of the bathroom. When she opened the door, she smiled looking at her own clothes neatly hanging there.

Quickly she dressed up in a short cut off jeans shorts and a sleeveless white top. She raced downstairs, ignoring the rich decor of the house and the view of the sea from the huge glass window on one side of the staircase.

She noticed a man sitting on one of the bar stools and typing something on a laptop. His back is facing her, so she couldn't see his face clearly.

She stopped a few feet away from him with a soft smile with which she greets everyone. This smile is just to make the other person feel relaxed in front of her, as she is a princess.

"Hello, you must be my bodyguard. Where is dad?" She asked sweetly.

Lucas sensed her presence even before she greeted him as her bodyguard. Her soft feminine scent is the first thing that teased his nostrils and tingled his senses. He could smell the strawberry shampoo he left for her in her room. He doesn't remember buying a perfume for her. But still, she smells delectable.

He closed his laptop slowly and turned to face her. He froze when his eyes landed on the beautiful specimen standing in front of him. Her hair is still wet and her face is fresh without any specks of makeup. Her feet are bare. She is not at all trying to entice him, but still he is captivated by her beauty.

He wanted to feel the softness of her skin. He began to envy her short shorts, for hugging her ass cheeks the way he wanted to.

Lola's breath caught in her throat when her eyes landed on the man sitting in front of her. He is the most handsome man she has ever seen in her life. His hair is short on the sides and back, leaving it long in the front. It looks disheveled like he ran his fingers one too many times in his hair. But still, that suited him. His black pupils are like slits, surrounded by aqua green iris with specks of orange in them. Those are the most unique and captivating eyes she has ever seen. His skin is naturally tanned. He is easily 6.6 and he is muscular. A small gasp left her lips.

He is pulled from his trance when he heard her small gasp.

'Damn this girl. I think she is hiding a magnet in there somewhere, that is pulling me towards her ruthlessly ' he thought with annoyance.

"I am not your bodyguard" he stated lazily while leaning his back to the Oak bar table behind him. 

He should feel bad for kidnapping her. But he is not. If her father is not who he is and if he doesn't try to hurt the other realms, then she wouldn't have been kidnapped today. 

Lola slowly registered his words and her initial awe began to fade.

"You are not my bodyguard" she started slowly as if she just now realized something.

"Nope," Lucas confirmed, looking at her closely.

The smile slipped from her lips and her face became blank. There is no trace of fear in her gaze.

'Interesting ' he thought.

He guessed that she would cry and beg him to leave her. But she is proving him wrong from the very first moment.

"Care to share why I am here and how I came here?" Lola demanded as she tried to place all the pieces together. The last thing she remembered is opening her closet. And then everything is blank.

Lucas is impressed with her. Instead of getting scared as all the pampered woman does, she is demanding him to explain why she is here.

"I kidnapped you. You are my prisoner" he let out, closely observing her reaction. Apart from the small glimmer of shock which lasted a millisecond, there is no visible reaction from her side which impressed him even more.

Lola is shocked, to say the least. She is scared and worried. If he could penetrate the walls of the underworld and kidnap their princess without being detected, then he is not someone who should be taken lightly. The first thing her father taught her is to never underestimate her enemy and show off her abilities. 

'You should make them believe that you are just a weak and innocent female. When they lower their guard, then you should strike and go for the kill ' Lucifer taught her.

He is powerful. An ordinary person cannot kidnap Lord Lucifer's daughter so seamlessly. He managed to kidnap her and she didn't even suspect it until he revealed it himself. 

For a split second, she thought this must be a joke, but one look into his intense gaze confirmed that it's not.

'You lowered your guard, Lola. Now you have to pay the price. Find out a way to escape from this man ' she thought.

She is not foolish enough to think that he kidnapped her just for fun. He must have some ulterior motive behind this. Looking at the size of this mansion and the way he is sitting on the barstool like a king, she understood that he owns this place and he is not after money. 

He is powerful enough to kidnap me from my own room, so he is not after power. Then what does he want? She began to analyze her situation and her captor.

Is it something to do with my father? She guessed.

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