Lucas didn't see Lola for the rest of the day. He didn't bother to go search for her. There is absolutely nowhere she could go. She has to stay on this island until he says otherwise. He dealt with his business working from the island for the rest of the day.

The island is his private lair. Apart from his magic, no other magic works here. This is the only place where he can safely hide Lola, without being detected by her father Lucifer.

He cooked his dinner alone and ate it by himself. He doesn't like to crowd his private space with people like extra maids and servants. More than a few workers are employed to take care of his horses, and they will come and clean the property if the need arises.

He can manage small things like cooking and cleaning after himself. So Lola has to cook her meals if she wants to survive. He is not intending to act like a gracious host. He stocked up the pantry to last for a month. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables would be stocked by his workers from the horse ranch, where a small vegetable garden is being grown along with some fruits. 

He retired early that night, as he has an early morning meeting scheduled for the next day. 

Lola on the other hand is hungry. She didn't eat anything since that morning and her stomach is demanding to be fed. She heard a door being opened and closed somewhere nearby.

'So the asshole went to sleep? What kind of a person is he? He didn't even ask me to eat' she thought angrily.

But then again, why would he? She is not a guest here. She is kidnapped by him. He wouldn't care if she lives or dies. 

'But I cannot give him the satisfaction of seeing me suffering with hunger pangs. I have to nourish my body and wait for an opportunity to escape. If I became weak, then I cannot escape' she decided.

With that thought in mind, she marched towards the kitchen and searched for something or anything to eat. To her shock, she found everything she needed to cook, but nothing ready to eat. 

"What did he eat? I smelled something delicious from my room. He ate all by himself?" She thought out loud, feeling weak.

Her shoulders sagged. Suddenly sadness bombarded her. In the underworld, maids used to prepare her every meal with care and serve her on time. But she never gave it much thought until now. Now she understood what she had there. She missed her father.

'Did he know that I am missing? He must be searching for me. But, could he find out that I am stuck in the middle of an ocean?' She thought sadly. Her eyes misted up, but she didn't let the tears fall.

"I will make his life miserable. I will make sure that he would send me back himself" she decided.

She picked an apple from the fruit basket and slowly began to much on it. Her gaze caught the expensive espresso machine.

Even though she never visited the human world, she knows every gadget and machines the humans use. She never use make-up, but she know what is that and how to use it as well.

"Let me start by serving you a cup of hot and steaming coffee" she murmured with a smirk.

The next morning, Lucas walked downstairs after being freshly showered and dressed in a fresh pair of clothes. Like always, he switched on the espresso machine and made himself a cup of coffee.

He opened his laptop and turned it on. Distractedly he took a sip from his coffee mug, only to spit it out in the next second.

"What the hell is that" he muttered with a frown. He washed his mouth to remove the weird sand-like taste. That's when he noticed his coffee. It looked like it always looks, but the taste is terrible. He emptied his coffee mug, only to find sand at the bottom. He ran towards his favourite espresso machine and checked it. That's when he found sand mixed with coffee beans. 

He gritted his teeth. He knows who the culprit is. 

"Lola" he yelled her name with anger. That machine is custom made to suit his taste buds. There is no other machine like that. It would take the company one month to make another machine like that. But he cannot wait that long. He needs a cup of coffee early in the morning to kick start his day. Without it, he feels like the day is dragging.

"You called me Lucas?" Lola slowly walked downstairs, with an innocent smile on her face. And she is using his name, instead of calling him an asshole. She woke up early and freshen up quickly. She dressed herself in a short floral dress, which hugs her figure until her waist and flares up and reaches until her midthigh.

Lucas glared at her. His gaze took her in for a brief second, before coming back to her eyes.

"That was my favourite machine" he pointed out with gritted teeth.

Lola wanted to laugh at his expression. But she bit her tongue. 

"Oh? Is it?" She asked with an innocent frown.

Lucas is not buying her innocent act.

"Don't pretend Lola. I know you are the one who damaged my machine. What the hell were you thinking?" he demanded.

Lola smirked at his words. 

"You kidnapped me and I was forced to stay here. How can you think that I would stay here like a docile duck? What were you thinking?" She fired back.

She is right. He never thought she would trouble him like this. He thought after finding out that there is no way to go out of this island, she would accept her fate and at least pretend to be pitiful. But no, she is nothing like he imagined, and he likes a good Chase.

"Bring it on princess. But first, you need to be punished for ruining my machine" he smirked wickedly.

Lola frowned, not at all liking the look in his eyes.

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