The next morning, Lucas woke up feeling itchy all over. No matter how much he scratched, he felt itching again. He frowned with confusion.

"What the hell? why do I feel like my body is on fire?" he thought out loud. That's when he noticed something green peeking from under the bedding. He removed the covers and is shocked to find half-dried leaves lying there. Upon close observation, he noticed what those leaves are.

"Itching leaves?" he muttered with irritation.

These leaves are found on this island and he came across them when he first bought this island. He can easily guess how they came inside his mansion.

"Lola" he murmured. A slow smile stretched on his lips.

This woman is making every day quite interesting. He is eager to see what she would do next and he is looking forward to getting even with her. And then comes her punishment. He frowned at the punishment part. He feels like he is getting too tangled up with this woman.

'Am I takin

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Loved it it was also funny as well
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funny had me smiling

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