The next morning,

Lucas looked at his blue hair with a sigh. He just came out of the shower and noticed his jet black hair has turned neon blue. 

"Lola" he muttered to himself.

He thought she might not attempt another prank, and strangely that thought made him feel unsettled. He came to enjoy her naughty pranks, even though his expensive expresso machine is ruined. He dressed quickly, as the anticipation of punishing her began to ride high in his veins.

When he went down, she is nowhere to be found. 

' Where is she? ' he thought with a frown.

He casually looked around for her, but he didn't find her in the mansion. 

'She must be hiding somewhere. She must have guessed that I will come and punish her. That's why she ran away ' he understood. That thought actually made him smile at her antiques. He poured himself a glass of orange juice before getting back to work. The moment he opened his laptop, water began to ru

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