In the human world, Lucifer and Archangel Michael are sitting opposite each other. Lucifer is frowning, while Michael is watching the other man with concern.

"I promised you that she will be fine. Why are you still worried about her?" Michael asked his estranged best friend. Lucifer and Michael used to be very good friends untill Lucifer became ambitious and fell from grace. Now after so many years, they are sitting and talking peacefully like they used to.

"I know, but today is her mother's death anniversary. She always becomes sad on this particular day. I always used to stay with her on this day. But now, I don't know how she is handling it alone" Lucifer said with worry laced voice.

Michael smiled at Lucifer's words.

"You changed" he noticed.

Lucifer looked at Michael with a smirk.

"I am still the same Michael. Now I love someone else more than I love myself" he replied.

Michael noticed that as well,  and he is happy fo

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