They say we don't understand the real value of anyone or anything until we lose it. Lucifer is now regretting everything he did which led to his fall.

"Are you not satisfied yet Belial? You fed me nonsense and I believed it. As a result, I was disappointed in his grace and fell from the sky. What are you trying to do? We had everything back then. But you made me push everything away. Now, after so many years, you are trying to kill me? I always believed you and trusted you. But you played with my trust. Why? What do you want?" Lucifer asked with anger, as the foul taste of Belial's betrayal is making him feel nostalgic.

Belial snorted mockingly.

"Power, I wanted power. You are powerful yet so humble. I wanted to become a god as well. But I was never given a chance to become one. Faiysha was younger than us. But yet she was given a chance and was blessed to become a goddess. Now, look at what happened. That silly woman fell in love with Ares and ruined his life as well. He was so power
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