In the human world, Lola met Nyra and Bella for the first time. The three of them became fast friends soon after. Drake, Blaze, and Lucas were chatting with Ares and Michael. Lucifer joined them as well. Faiysha is happy that everything she planned for the fairy world is fulfilled. All the three protectors accepted their responsibilities happily and she doesn't have to worry about anyone or anything. She can leave this life and start a new one with full of hope and lots of love.

"What are you thinking?" Ares asked Fayisha.

She diverted her gaze away from her children and gave her full attention to the man whom she loves with all her heart.

"They all are happy" she pointed out.

Ares looked at the people whom his wife loves like her own children. All six of them are laughing and joking with each other. They look happy and carefree. No one would think that they are the powerful rulers of the fairy world. They look like normal people, not the kings and queens that they are.

"That I can se
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