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Lola giggled at his comment.

Ares sat beside her. His body is weak and he is sure he will not live to see the sunrise the next morning. So he came to spend some time with his son and daughter-in-law.

"A few years ago, all types of women used to flirt with me and I used to get annoyed by their behavior. It's not like I will ever miss those days, it was like a nightmare. It was quite difficult to navigate at a party or a gathering without being flirted with and surrounded by women. None of them wanted to have a meaningful conversation with me. It was so tiring" he shared with a wince when he remembered those days.

Lola giggled at his experience.

"Must be hard" she commented.

Ares chuckled when he remembered how he had to hide in the bathroom just to get rid of a clingy woman at a party.

"You have no idea" he agreed.

They shared a laugh at his expense, before becoming quiet.

"You are sad" he pointed out what he noticed earlier.

Lola looked at her open palms with a dull face.

"I will m
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Charlene Martin
Wow , nice ending to a three story series . I definitely got hooked on that series . Very good ...️ . Nice imagination for the ideas . Keep it up
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Debbie Proffer
What great books you wrote
goodnovel comment avatar
That was a great chapter! Hope it wasn’t the end would like to know what happened to Valmore and rose?

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