Their kids

Epilogue 1, Sneak peak


Today little Faiya turned 18. Lucas and Lola arranged a big party for her. Faiya is innocent. Lucas is too protective of his daughter. The little physical training she received is because of her mother's insistence.

'She doesn't need to train so hard'

This is what Lucas always complains about whenever he finds his daughter training.

'She has to '

This is how Lola replies.

Even though Lucas never liked it, he couldn't say no to his wife. Thus Faiya is trained in the art of fighting with weapons. But that's where it began and it ended. Lucas sheltered her and never let her see the bad and worst around the world.

Faiya always looks at the world optimistically. She tries to see only the good in people. Even though she is pampered, she is not spoiled. She respects everyone, no matter their status.

But as much as she is pampered, the same cannot be said for her little brother who is three years younger than her. Lucas forced him to trai
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