Altered Cosmos
Altered Cosmos
Author: Unaware Ovie Emmanuel

Act 1-Second Beginning

Technology… The modern world of the 21st century revolves around it. From communication to movement and entertainment, technology has influenced everything we need and use to get by our everyday life. But as this technology developed to help better the world, there were also variants developed for destruction. 

As around the year 2035, the world leaders collaborated on a classified break-through project that was reported to revolutionize the military industry but in 2048, a certain incident occurred with the project which lead to a massive explosion which not only damaged the leader’s plans but also left a literal permanent mark on the earth’s surface as well and there was debate on what caused this world-wide error. The debate became more violent as the leader’s began to question this event as mere accident or sabotage by a nation seeking the weapon for themselves… 

All conflict resolution attempts seemed futile and before the world knew it, a certain bomb attack on America in 2050 marked the start of the Third World War. As a result of this new event, the public dubbed the explosion, ‘Genesis’ representing the ‘Beginning of the End’. What made this war more destructive than the former wars was the inclusion of Trons; humans whose biological make-up were rearranged by the energy wave that resonated across the world with the Genesis as its point of origin, granting them terrifying abilities and powers. The battle between world leaders to acquire these new humans and add them to their military might only escalated the war even further until 2055 when a new threat was introduced into the world… 

The ‘Spider Web’, a highly advanced artificial intelligence network which suddenly wreaked havoc on the earth with a goal to eradicate humanity. Faced with a common enemy, the world leaders agreed to a truce to destroy this new error. After 24 more gruesome years of fighting……the world managed to destroy most of the Web’s forces but the human population had already dropped from 10 billion to around 6 billion. In 2079, the world leaders agreed to remain in peace by dividing the use and holding of Tron’s into four separate factions which will be focused on eradicating the last of the web forces which are still lurking around the earth……….

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