Chapter 7; A Real Tron

Goro and Levi stare at each other, motionless at first… before Goro suddenly throws a punch into Levi who quickly leaps over it before drop kicking Goro in the face.

Goro remains immobile resulting in Levi being ricocheted instead which was what he wanted because before Goro could even recover, he quickly throws a piece of metal he was secretly holding straight into Goro’s right eye. 

Goro shouts out as blood gushes out his right-eye while Levi lands on his feet and springs forward again. Goro growls as he throws a punch with his left fist but Levi shifts into his new blind spot and focuses a powerful punch to Goro’s right shoulder.

“Damn you!” Goro groaned as he smacks Levi aside with his left arm and Levi skids to a stop some distance away before stumbling to a knee as his eyes flickered from blue to brown and back to blue. “Looks like you’re almost at your limit. You should just-” He was cut off by a loud crack which made Levi slowly smile as Goro turns to his right shoulder……where a large crack was seen. His only working eye widens in anger as he stares at the piece of armour that falls off his body. “You…”

He turns back to Levi who just threw another projectile to his other eye but Goro uses his hands to block it, just as Levi sends his foot into Goro’s chin, sending some spit from his mouth.

Then in that moment, Levi spins as he fires three sharp antelope horns into the crack on his shoulder and with his agility, slams his foot on top of the horns, further jamming them into shoulder and expanding the crack.

“Yes!” He grunted in joy as he lands but braces as Goro angrily smacks him with his beastly arm, sending him rolling across the ground before coming to a stop.

“You child!” Goro shouted out in rage as he glances at his bleeding shoulder and charges toward Levi who struggles to even get to a knee. “I’ll take you even if I have to rip out your limbs and drag you!” He shouted as he throws his signature right hook but Levi smiles as his punch gets very close…as Levi suddenly steps back, leaving the punch to hit nothing but air.

As Goro moves in slow-motion to Levi, a single thought came to his mind. <Did you think I didn’t notice your usual move?> Levi then grabs the right arm and suddenly shifts his stance, using their combined momentum to swing Goro over his shoulder and slams him down with enough force to cracks and rumble the earth beneath them.

And before Goro could react to him, Levi wraps his arms around Goro’s arm, stomps his foot down his shoulder and pulls with all his strength. Goro screams in pain and attempts to punch him but Levi leaps back with a wide grin on his face.

Goro sits up and his face goes pale when he notices he no more had a right arm. He groans as he grips his bleeding shoulder and turns to Levi who was holding his severed arm some distance away. “You…”

Levi laughs as he swings the arm over his shoulders like a baseball bat. “Hey. You’re the one that threatened to rip off ‘my’ limbs.” He chuckled and Goro growls as he lunges for Levi filled with blind rage…which was exactly what Levi wanted as he grips his ‘base-ball bat’ and spins, swinging the arm straight into Goro’s chest, the force not only crushing Goro’s chest and shattering his core but also sending him flying back a little. 

Levi grunts as he throws his entire weight into the hit to Goro’s chest but the force also causes Levi to spin and stumble to the ground as Goro’s body lands with a thud behind him. 

He coughs several times as his entire body now aches from pain with his eyes back to normal. He glances at Goro’s dead body before facing the ground with a chuckle. “Thank God. I didn’t think I’ll make it.” He mumbled as he suddenly groans with a hand on his gut and the other on the ground as he coughs up some saliva mixed with blood…just as he felt a slight chill and turned around to see Goro still alive and ready to drop on him. 

“You’re dead!” He shouted as he was about to land on Levi when a sudden blue blast collides into him and sends him skidding to the side. “What?” Goro shouted out in anger and Levi turns to see two of the agents Peter brought to the village. “You despicable ingrates!”

Goro growled just as one of the agent fired several blasts at Goro who uses his one arm to block while the other charges forward, as he brings out a small metallic stick which projected a beam of blue energy, transforming it into a plasma sword.

The sniper agent fired a powerful shot that blasted Goro’s arm to the side as his partner leaps into the air and skilfully drives the sword straight through Goro’s head. “You…hu…” Goro suddenly falls over and the agent gives the sword a little twist before pulling it out with a spray of blood following. 

Levi just stares in shock because they executed this attack so flawlessly and quickly that they didn’t seem like normal humans. He turns to the agent with a gun as he stops beside Levi while staring at his partner.

“That is a Level 3 dral. They usually have two cores. So you have to destroy both of them.” The man said with an expression-less look on his face which coupled with his navy-blue camo attire made him seem very intimidating.

“Hey, I’m even impressed he took out one of its cores in his current state.” The other agent said as he approached while deactivating his sword and placing it back on his belt. “If someone like me could beat it, then it must have been pretty weak.”

“Level Three drals are usually A rank. But since this one was already weakened so it makes sense.” The first agent chuckles and glances at the mass of broken metal and blood spread out across the whole street. “He certainly was busy.” He glances back at Levi with a raised brow and his gun over his shoulder. “It’s hard to believe he’s not still fully awakened.”

Levi’s eyes widen and he sits on the ground with shocked eyes staring at both of them. “You knew?”

The agent with the sword shrugged as he answers. “Since day one, kid.”

“Then why didn’t you-”

The agent with the gun gives a disdainful scoff, cutting Levi off. “It’s all agent Steel.”

“He gave us the order to act like we’re still looking for the tron.” The other agent said and Levi gives a more perplexed look which makes the agent rubs his neck with a sigh. “Seriously, sometimes that guy jokes around too much. We could have been back home days ago.”

“Still, we can’t go against our superior officer especially since he had a plan for this attack.” The agent said as he strapped his gun to his back while the other agent lets out a sigh. 

“A plan?” Levi asked and the sword wielding man explains.

“Only a couple of drals move in packs but not those types we saw. So it meant someone or something was controlling them. So he used you as bait to lure them out and placed guys like us to take care of them. We did lose some guys along the way but because he was the only tron around, he had to stay with the target.”

Levi’s eyes widen once he understood why Peter waited for so long and didn’t bother to help fight. “But then… for you to be here and not with him, it means something is keeping him busy.” A confused expression crosses Levi’s face just as an sudden explosion goes off some distance away.

They all turn to the direction of the blast but the shock slowly registers on Levi’s face once he realised where the flames could be seen. “Hey, isn’t that-” The agent was suddenly cut off by a gust of wind and they both turned to see that Levi wasn’t there anymore. “I guess so.”

“Come on. Let’s go find any stranglers.” The other agent said as he taps his partners shoulder and they headed in a different direction to look for any more drals to take care off.

Meanwhile, a figure zooms across the village, the pain and exhaustion all seemed to have faded away as the only thing in Levi’s mind was to keep moving. He followed the road that lead to the top of the hill at the edge of the city.

“No, no, no.” He mumbled as he makes it to the top in a couple of seconds and moves across, glancing at the bodies, both guards and drals sprawled out around him but he keeps moving and moving and moving……until he runs through the brutally ripped off front gates and skids to a stop. 

“No.” He exhaled in fear as he stares at his house which was now on fire which was thankfully being reduced due to the light drizzle.

But that split second of relief was destroyed when he saw a figure on the ground with familiar long black hair and a male figure being held up by the collar by the metallic villain. He quickly uses his thermal sense which was strongly disturbed by the fire but he could tell that they were both alive.

“Mom. Dad!” He shouted out as he runs forward but instantly stops when the robotic figure slowly turns to Levi with an evil grin on its metallic face.

“Just the prize I was looking for.” It said as it releases Luke who crumples to the ground.

Luke looks up from the wet grass and freezes in shock. “Levi! Get out of here!”

The holon or however, the Tamer according to Goro glanced at Luke before turning back to him. “So that’s your name. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Levi.”

“Get away from them.” Levi grumbled as he took another step and Tamer chuckles with its hands behind its back.

“Gladly. If you join me.” He said with an arm stretched out to Levi who glares daggers at it. “I’m assuming that’s a no.” He sighed as he dropped its hand back and gazed at Levi intensely. “You did destroy a lot of my followers and my second-in-command…” Levi flinches a little before tightening his fists with a determined stare. “But it doesn’t matter. In fact, I’m impressed that an anonymous tron was capable of such. I look forward to making you my new second-in-command.”

“I’ll never work for you.” Levi said as he entered his fighting stance while Tamer sighs as it slowly walks towards Levi.

“I believe you don’t have much of a choice now, do you?” It said, boldly as it continues to close the gap between them and Levi prepares to attack……once Tamer took another step, Levi charges forward with a blur and throws a full-powered punch at Tamer…

Who suddenly disappears from Levi’s sight then reappears beside his still charging body and smacks him hard across the face, sending his body rolling across the ground before he flips to his feet to see Tamer right in front him. He quickly throws another punch but Tamer disappears again and gives Levi a strong kick to the back, which sent him sprawling. 

“Levi!” Luke shouted out as he watches from the side-lines with his unconscious wife in his arms. 

Tamer sighs with a hand on its metallic hip as it stares at Levi, struggling to get up. “You’re still immature, Levi. I can help you grow.”

Levi stands before stumbling back down on one knee as he stares at Tamer. <He’s too fast…> He groans as his entire body aches again and his eyes flickered.

Tamer raises an opened palm to Levi again with a small smile on its face. “I can help you unlock powers you never knew you had. All you need to do is-”

“Damn you.” Levi grunted as he stands up with blood seeping down his forehead and covering his right eye.

“It seems the only language you understand is force.” Tamer said as it suddenly zooms forward, reaching Levi in an instant. Levi attempts to attack but Tamer throws him a powerful uppercut, causing blood to spill from his mouth as his body flies up…before he suddenly grabs Levi’s ankle and effortlessly slams him down to the ground.

Levi grunts and gurgles some blood as his body screams with agony while Tamer turns to him with a scoff. “Don’t worry, Levi. In a moment, it’ll all be ove-” A bullet shot to the head cuts Tamer off and he turns to Luke who was standing with a handgun in his hands. 

“Get away from my son!” He shouted out as he fired more bullets which all harmlessly bounce off Tamer’s metallic body until he runs out of bullets.

“Pathetic.” Tamer said as it raised a hand to Luke who froze in fear as he saw the muzzle on Tamer’s palm which slowly began to glow with red energy. But before Tamer could fire, Levi lunges for him from behind but Tamer side-steps out of the way, grabs Levi’s arm and snaps it with a loud crunch.

Levi shouted out in pain as he collapsed to the ground, holding his broken arm and his eyes having been shocked back to normal.

“Levi!” Luke shouted out as he threw his gun aside and ran towards Levi but then stops when Tamer raised its hand to him again.

Tamer glances between Levi and Luke with a laugh. “I can see where your stubbornness comes from.” It suddenly gives Luke a cold stare and its palm radiates with energy. “Allow me to take care of it.”

“No!!” Levi shouted out as Tamer fires at the stunned Luke…but the shot misses as it collides into the already trashed house behind. Levi turned back to Tamer who had smoke coming from the side of its head, with some cracks now visible.

Tamer turned to the side with anger in its eyes. “You…” 

Levi then turned to see Uncle Mark holding one of their energy guns with smoke coming out the muzzle. “Get the hell away from my brother you, tin can!” He shouted out as he reenergizes the gun when Tamer suddenly disappears.

“Run!” Levi shouted out but it was too late as Tamer appears in front of Mark, grabs the gun from his hand and uses the butt to smack Mark in the face.

“It seems stupidity runs in your family, Levi.” Mark turns back to Tamer who was now holding him at gun point. “Let’s see how you like it.” Tamer pulls the trigger, sending an energized bullet which rips through Mark’s gut.

“Mark!” Luke shouted out in anger as Tamer steps aside to show Mark, clutching his now bleeding side with blood spilling from his mouth. Mark gives his brother a little weak smile before collapsing on the ground. “You bastard!” He shouted out as he ran towards Tamer but stops again when Tamer points the gun to him now.

Meanwhile, Levi just watches in horror, too shocked to utter a single word as he stares at Mark on the ground, blood beginning to pool under him. <Uncle Mark?> He thought with tears running down his cheeks when he notices Mark move to look at Levi. “Uncle Mark.” He mumbled as he stood up and tried to walk forward but stumbles back down with pain stinging his entire body.

He then watches as Mark gives Levi a smile and a weak thumb-up but before Levi could respond…Mark’s hand falls to the ground and his eyes slowly close as his body goes limp. “No…” Levi mumbled in sorrow and sadness…which suddenly converted to anger and hatred towards Tamer. 

“You!” Tamer and Luke turned to Levi as he stood up, his entire body seething with rage and even Luke gasped when he could make out a faint blue energy cloud around Levi’s body with tiny sparks of blue electricity from his body.

Tamer chuckles as it throws the gun aside and grins at Levi whose eyes turned blue again, this time brighter than it has ever been. “You continue to impress me, Levi.” 

A small portion of Levi’s hair slowly turns snow-white as he crouches down. “You’re dead!” Levi shouted as he charges forward with enough force to cause a small shockwave as he speeds forward with a gust of wind following. He aims his only working arm for a punch to Tamer who jumps back once again but this time, Levi reacts quicker and follows him.

“Impossible.” Tamer mumbled as it tried to shake Levi off but he keeps following and tracking it even without looking sometimes. “You can react at this speed. Im-” Levi’s sudden attack cuts him off as Levi’s left fist makes contact with its face, further breaking the armour which Mark shot earlier. Tamer grunts as it slides back and prepares to fire Levi with its left arm. “You’ll pay for that.” 

Levi just takes in a deep breath as he moves like a blur with blue energy following his figure and suddenly appear beside Tamer who quickly blocks with its elbow as Levi gives a powerful kick which cracks the armour on Tamer’s arm.

“You little-” In that instant, Levi then reacts as he twists his legs around the damaged arm and uses his left arm as a pivot on the ground to twist the arm until it snaps completely. 

“Get off!” Tamer grunted as it kicks Levi aside, his body rolling several times on the ground before coming to a stop as Tamer turns to its now useless arm still hanging from its shoulder. “Looks like I underestimated you. I should have guarded with more energy.”

Levi moves again but Tamer scoffs as it suddenly blasts Levi with its other palm canon, the impact sends Levi flying into the air and back down to the ground with a thud. Tamer pants with anger now in its eyes as Levi stands up again, his shirt completely burnt off and his body aching with pain…but he doesn’t care as he slowly walks towards Tamer, his initial blue energy already drained from his body. 

“You humans and your resilience.” It fires another blast which throws Levi back a little but he gets up again and continues forward. “Don’t you get it? Your body is weak and you’ve reached your limits. You can barely even stand now.” It fires another blast of energy and Levi blocks with his arm, the force sends his feet skidding across the grass and he remains standing but his body weakens the more.

“It is pointless to continue.” It concentrates another blast which became a beam of energy which Levi blocks with all the strength still left in him, but as he does, he eyes flickered between his two colours several times but he continues to push forward. “Then why do you still fight it?” Tamer stops and the smoke reveals Levi still standing with a bruised arm from the beam and his eyes back to normal. 

“I’ll never forgive you.” Levi mumbled before stumbling to his knees with a grunt.

Tamer scoffs angrily at Levi and stretches its arm to the exhausted Levi. “I’ve had enough of this farce. I’m taking you, now.” It said as it steps forward with evil intent in its eyes but all Levi could do was stare because it was as if he’s entire body had shut down from lack of energy and strength.

“I think not.” Tamer suddenly freezes in fear as a new presence suddenly appears behind him. Levi looks up and a small smile comes to his face when he realised who it was. “Sorry I’m late. I had to hold off the drals while your folks got away.” Tamer quickly jumps aside and turns to see Peter staring at him behind his usual shades.

“One after another.” It said as it prepares another blast but Peter doesn’t move an inch. “Die!” Tamer shouted out as it fires a very powerful blast of energy but Peter raises his hand as it collides into him, covering him in smoke and dust. Tamer, Levi and Luke wait in anticipation as the smoke clears, revealing a figure with yellow light piercing out.

“Impossible. There’re two trons?” Tamer then shutters when the smoke reveals a familiar white-blue bracelet on his wrist which was previously covered by his sleeve which is now burnt off by the attack. “An…Index agent?”

The smoke finally cleared revealing Peter whose shades had lost one lens, revealing only one of his eyes and his burnt sleeve but the rest of him remains unscathed.

“Damn you!” Tamer shouted out as it prepared another blast but Peter suddenly appears in front of him and gives it a powerful punch to the jaw that completely damages its lower head. “You!” Its voice was now affected as it prepared to blast Peter who had disappeared again.

Before he could react, Peter grabbed its head from behind with one hand and grabbed its arm with the other. And with a grunt, Peter rips off Tamer’s working arm and pushes it forward. Tamer turned to Peter as he tosses aside the arm. After glancing at its now none functioning upper limbs and faced with a new adversary, it attempts to run.

“Where do think you’re going?” Peter said as he grabbed Tamer by the head from behind again and Tamer forcefully turns to look at him.

“You monster.” It grunted as it tried but failed to break free from Peter’s grasp.

“I’m not taking that from you.” With that, Peter crushes Tamer’s head like an egg causing some fluid and oil to splash on Peter’s face and cloth as he lets the body drop to the ground with a thud and clank.

Levi just stares in astonishment at Peter who just easily dispatched such a powerful robot. <So this is…> Peter then turns to Levi, the barely still burning house behind setting a perfect background to Peter to look both cool and deadly at the same time. <…what a real tron looks like…>

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