The Black Stallion




The sky was died a meshy green by the radiance of the planet's green sun.

Skrull was one of the leading developing planets in the Misty Trail galaxy and also home to the galaxy's branch of the Bounty Hunters Association (Or BHA).

A man was going through some documents inside his office. He wore a white blazer with trousers of matching color. 

As he was browsing through the documents, he heard a knocking on his door. He crosses his legs and cleared his throat. 

"Come in." 

A woman in her early twenties walked in. She takes a few steps forward and then bows her head. "You called, Flagmaster?" 

"Ahh," The man raises his head revealing a monocle on his right eye. He couldn't help but smile at the sight of the beautiful woman in front of him. 

"You're looking as flamboyant as always, A-Grade bounty hunter, Mysty Gale." He complimented the woman for her strikingly beautiful looks. 

She flushed a little but dared not to lose face in front of a figurehead like him. 

"My gratitude, Flagmaster." She said raising her head. "How may I be of service?" 

He keeps the documents and gets up. 

With his hands crossed behind his back, he walked around his desk and made his way to the woman. 

"I've heard you have taken out the trash as I asked." He smiled. 

"Y-yes, sir." Mysty was overwhelmed by the pressure of the man in front of her. 

Who wouldn't be? He was one of the 6 Flagmasters of the association. His combat skills were as topnotch as his tactical skills. What's more? He has the body of a champion, a handsome face to boot and Mysty felt glad that this man was single. 

"It was for the sake of the association, sir." 

"Good, that trash could have become an issue in the future if not taken care of. So," He grabs Mysty's hand much to her surprise. This time around she struggled to keep a stoic expression. 

Her heart skipped a beat as time seemed to move slower. The man moved his lips and all she could pay attention was thr perfection in his every being. 

"Please," He said. "Call me August." 

"Y-yes, sir ahh Uhm, August." 

"Great." He let go of her hand and turned to his desk picking up a piece of paper. 

"Here," He hands her the paper which contained his signature. "Take a warship with you. That signature is all you need." 

Mysty tilted her head. "And what is it that I am to do with a warship, sir?" 

August smiled. "We received word that The Black Stallion was sighted along with the constellations of Red Wine." 

Mysty gasped. "The Black Stallion!?" 

As a bounty hunter, she has heard stories of the Black Stallion. 

"Yes, that black stallion. I'm sure you've heard about it from your peers. The cruiser and ship of one of the most wanted men in the cosmos. The man who used to be my senior before he defected," August's voice turned darker as he said the last part. He clenched his fist and gritted his teeth. 

His body released flashes of a faint red glowed briefly before disappearing. "The Black King, Captain Jackal." 

Mysty felt a chill run through her spine. 'Speaking about him alone was enough to set off an astral pulse from him. Just what kind of history did this two share?' 

She looked at August as he took a deep breath to regain control of his emotions. 

"That said. I'm giving you the mission to bring me his head. Dead or alive." 

She hardened her gaze as she stands in attention. "You can count on me, sir!" She left after saluting to the Flag master. 

"Jackal..." August said softly to himself. "You chose the wrong time to resurface the cosmos. I will make you pay for what you did." 


Ryker was munching down the food that was in front of him. 

"Easy there lad, you don't want to choke now do you?" 

Ryker darts the man a look before resuming his feast. 

"Well, you're a vibrant one." 

"Thank you," Ryker said to the man after gulping down a glass of water. 

"For the food or for saving your life?" 

"For both." 

"Well then, you're welcome Ryker." 

"Tsk," Ryker glares at the man in front of him. "How did you know my name?" 

"Oh, that?" The man laughed. "It was pinned to your suit." 

"Oh," Ryker only noticed that he had his clothes changed.

He gasped and darts the man a look housing murderous intent. 

"Hey old man, who changed my clothes?" 

"That would be me." A female voice answered from behind. 

Ryker silently gazes at the woman. "Good, I won't complain if it's a female android." 

The man bursts into a stream of laughter slapping the back of Ryker. 

"You're one odd kid you know that?" 

Ryker mumbled some words in annoyance. 

"Anyways, judging from your suit. You're a B-Grade or below bounty hunter is that right?" 

"C-grade," Ryker answered. 

"Okay then. Which begs the question... What on earth was a C-grade hunter who still relies on Astro tech to form his astral skin doing out in space? That too where no celestial bodies were nearby for the next couple lightyears." 

Ryker clenched his fists. 

"If I knew any better. I'd say you were dumped to die out, lad." 

"You seem to have everything figured out. So, why are you still prying?" 

"If I may, I would advice you to address the captain respectfully seeing as he saved your life." The android said. 

A vein popped on Ryker's head. "And I'd advise you to mind your business you stupid tin can." 

"Captain, why don't we return this piece of trash right where we found him?" 

"Haha, forgive the lad's attitude, Ming. And boy, I'm a happy-go-lucky fellow. I don't mind you speaking to me in whatever tone you please." 

"But," The man gave Ryker a petrifying look. 

"I won't forgive anyone who badmouths Ming."

'Just who are these people?'

Ryker clicked his tongue as he turned to  Ming. "Sorry."

"There," The man smiled. "Now we're all friends." He clasped his hands together.

"I'll prepare lunch for you captain since a certain somebody ate your ration as well." She left the two to themselves.

"Sorry I ate all your food. And I am truly grateful to you for saving my life. If it's not too much to ask, mind dropping me at the nearest planet with a warp pad?"

"Haha, I don't see why not. Right after a game of space cards!" The man grinned.

Ryker plopped to the floor comically.

"Haha. You're a mad man you know that?"

"I get a lot," The ma n joked.

"By the way, what do I call you?" 

He gets up and points to his chest. "Hehe, I go by many names but you may call me Jackal. Jackal Night."

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