The people gathered around the burnt body of the Sniper Saint watched as a bright golden light enveloped him.

Kisha was a user of the Light element and has the unique ability to heal fatal wounds.

"We've been at this for an hour now," Reed's impatience was evident in his tone as he folds his arm. "Are you sure he's not dead?"

"Let's hope he's not dead..."

Ace walked over to face Reed.

"For all of your sakes."

The two brothers exchanged glares and turned their gaze toward the Sniper Saint after they heard him coughing.


Ace, Harold, and Reginald gathered around Kisha and the Sniper Saint.

He tried to speak but was stopped by Kisha.

"Don't... Stress... Yourself... Not... Done..."

She then glances at Ace and Reginald and the three of them nodded their heads unbeknownst to everyone around them.

"Full... Burst:Heal... Pulse!" She declared as the light around Jacob grew bigger blinding everyone around the place momentarily.

The lights dimmed down and the Sniper Saint was ful
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