"Argh." The ex-assassin had been trying to lift the dark orb inside his subconscious, but to veil, the orb would not budge.

"Why won't this thing budge!?"

He shuts his eyes and begins to think of a way to lift the orb.

"Think, Ace, Think. There must be something that I'm missing. This is my subconscious, meaning everything here is inside my head and I have a certain degree of control out here."

He stares at the glowing orb. He picks it up with ease. "I can lift this one easily, guessing that's my first layer."

He chuckles. "To think they'd call them cores instead of layers but... Who am I to judge?"

He hardens his gaze and slaps his face. "Focus Ace. Your friends are in danger... I have to get out of here the soonest."

An invisible light bulb appeared on top of his head as his face lit up. "Of course! That just might work."

He tightened his grip on the glowing orb. "Here goes nothing..."

Ace slammed the glowing orb onto the dark orb on the floor and a shockwave sent him flying.

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