Ernie was lying on the floor with his back leaned against the wall. He had just finished making a roll and was ready to take a puff.

He hits a blunt and says... "Well, we've been waiting for hours bro, are you sure Dimitri is going to show up?"

He hands the blunt to Enrique who was sitting beside him. "He told me he had some errands to run and would be back soon."

"I'm tired of sitting around and doing nothing!" Vorus exclaims. "Why did you even interrupt my training?"

"Chill big man."

"Don't tell me to chill... Little man."

"Calm down Vorus. Ernie was just trying to help." Maggie scolds.

"Yeah, you didn't have to mean about it, Sir Vorus."


"It's okay Vo bro."

"Vo bro?" The former district commander tilted his head unaware of the creaking sound of the door opening behind him.

"He's here!" Ernie's face lightened.

A man walked into the dojo, he was wearing a black kung-fu uniform and had a belt strapped around his waist of the same color.

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