Dissappearing trick

"It's been hours since Vorus began his training with Dimitri, don't you think we should check upon him?"

Maggie, Conroy, and Ernie were currently sitting on the deck of the Dragonheart.

"Nah, Dimitri isn't much of a people's person, Vo bro will just fine." The laid-back guitarist states as he gets up.

"Right now, we should focus on seeing what we can do to make you two stronger."

"You mean us three?"

"Yeah, don't you want to train as well Bro Kaz?"

"Conroy my man, I'm not a fighter, I'm a pacifist."

The two Aegises tilted their heads.

"What are you talking about?" Maggie scoffs. "We fought Ace's brothers together!"

"That's right and it was your unique aura burst technique that brought the two brothers to their knees."

"That's true, but that case was different, my friend needed me and I had to step up. Most of my narly musical abilities are buffs and the aura burst doesn't really deal any fatal damage, it only forces my foes to catch some zees."

"So you're not going to train?"
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