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Inside Ace's mindscape, the ex-assassin was concentrating on conjuring a doorway that'll lead him out.

"Why is nothing happening?" His desperation increases the more time passes. He had communicated with the Sloth Saint earlier and couldn't help but get the feeling that something bad was happening.

Although he trusts his friends will be in good hands, he was still very much worried.


"Huh? Kisha! Is that you!?"

"I... Finally... Reached... You..."

"Where have you been? I can't seem to get out, what do I do?"

"Not... Much... Time... To... Get... Out... Break..."

He listened carefully to the voice that echoed in his head.


"Kisha? Break what!? Hey, Kisha!"

"Argh!" Ace slammed his fist to the ground in a fit of rage, that was his only chance on finding out how to escape his subconscious.

He grew even more restless and was too deep in his thoughts to notice a crack on the blank white floor beneath him.

"Huh?" He looked down at the spot he struck earlier.

"A c
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