Traitot's Blade

"Everything is going as planned."

Aria said to herself as she gazes at Edrees.

"Child, do not get in my way."


"I told you!" She snapped. "I told you, I am not your sensei anymore, as of today, I have severed all ties from you."

Edrees looked at his teacher. She was the woman who took him under her wing all those years ago, she taught him how to survive in this world, and most importantly... She gave him a family.

"I refuse to believe that you will betray your family!" He points his blade at her.

"Then come child, I shall clear all your doubts!"

She takes a stance with her sword and bright purple light enveloped the blade.

As the light dimmed down, the sword had transformed into a long sword with regal designs.

"That's the true form of her sword..." Edrees concluded that his sensei does not plan on holding back in any way.

"What's the matter?" She snapped him out of his train of thoughts. "If you're not going to come, I and my blade, Dyrnwyn will come at you!"

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