The end before the end

"Huff. Huff. Even with the second layer, he's too strong."

Reginald gazes at the miasma-covered assassin. Keith was laughing maniacally as he shreds through all of the thief's clones.

"Hah! To think I was worried about your relic, pathetic... I'll make your death painful in every way."

He licks his lips and charges at the thief.

"Tck. Arc!"

Reginald swings his sword to the sides which the assassin passes through using his miasma body.

Keith stood in front of Reginald with a malicious grin. "Haven't you tried that already? In this mode, I can phase through all of your attacks."

"I've noticed something about that pesky miasma of yours."

He tightened the grip of his blade that was swallowed by the miasma...


The streak of aura created a hole through the assassin's body.

"Pff. Hahahaha, is that all?"

Reginald smiled. "I knew it, just as I can't touch you while you're phasing, you can't touch me either."

Keith's facial expression took a sharp 180. "Grr, so what if you
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