It has been a day since the raid on the Elder's secret chambers.

Elder Bari had recovered completely thanks to Kisha using Heal Pulse on him.

Most parts of the chambers were ravaged and all the ninjas that were still alive were rounded up and locked somewhere.

"Let the meeting begin!"

Elder Ram declares from the altar as he and Bari looked down on the Saints, Ace and Kaz.

"I told Regi to head to Lundar if he escapes." Ace states.

"And I've spoken with the others, I briefed them on everything that has transpired so far, they will be heading to Lundar today leaving me and Ace left."

At first, the Vagrant games were merely a way for the Aegis clan to test their might against other clans. But as the events unfold, they found out that one of the clans participating in the tournament was the Valhalla clan.

A clan that works directly under Barbaros, one of their common enemies with the Saints.

"Adacus..." Elder Ram called for the retired Saint.

Adacus stepped forward. He had also r
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