Chapter Eighty One


I jerk awake all of a sudden from a dream which turns out to be a bad idea because the action makes me feel dizzy and my head feels like ten elephants are sitting on it.

I groan and clutch the sides of my head wondering how the hell I got back to my hotel room last night.

We'd partied hard celebrating Joni's birthday for a week but we all decided to get drunk yesterday. I just don't remember the details after or how I'm in the hotel room right now.

I turn my head to look at the alarm clock and see that it's ten am in the morning and I sigh.

We're leaving France today but not going back to Nigeria because Leon has another surprise in mind for Joni. I think I'd be very jealous of Joni for snagging a thoughtful and wonderful boyfriend like Leon if he wasn't related to me.

My older brother loves with all his heart, body, mind and soul and Joni is damn lucky to be the recipient of his affections. Unlike he who shall not be named.

Y'all know who I'm talking about so no need to
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