Chapter Eighty Three


It's new year's eve in Mercia but it feels like it's already new year. Everywhere has been decorated in preparation for the King and Queen's birthday party tomorrow and the whole Kingdom's been invited to celebrate with them.

We arrived in Mercia yesterday morning and while it was good to be back home, I couldn't wait to see the world again but preferably only with Leon next time.

It's a nice day to go for a walk and I do exactly that even though I really don't have a destination. I wave at people and greet some I like on my way until I get to the Catholic Church and stop outside the gate.

I've never been to church once. I didn't feel the need to do so before but now I feel like it's about time I let go of all the pain and heartache and possibly the hatred I feel for my dad and stepmom.

I walk into the premises of the church then up the short steps leading into the church before I change my mind. There are several other people sitting on pews and praying while some are kneel
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