Chapter 63 - Supreme Ruler

~~~ Xander ~~~

When my wife was kidnapped, it was like I could not breathe anymore, I could not function properly anymore. I’ve barely been able to eat and sleep, I’ve missed her like crazy.

It was difficult to focus on my mission, but I did it with one thought in mind, to rescue her and destroy the monster that did that to her, the same monster that killed Allaya’s real mother.

Morrigan Waldgrave. The villain in everybody’s story.

Now I gaze at Aurora’s sleeping figure and I can’t get enough, I would hold her and watch over her for the rest of my life. I tighten my arms around her body, and inhale the sweet scent of her skin, praying to never be apart from her again.

But she is not sleeping peacefully, she is tormented. Her daughter, Elena, was the one setting the trap that led to her abduction, and while she doesn’t want to talk about what happened there, she is in pain. And how could she not be, when she was betrayed by her own blood?

My heart skips a beat when I sense some unfami
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