Chapter 89: Epilogue final

“Leo,” I breathe. “Where are–”

“Addy and Grandma are safe. I can’t leave you, I’m sorry. Don’t be mad, but I can’t let anyone hurt you, Mom.”

I’m sobbing as I want to reach out and try to grab and shelter my poor sweet boy who has grown into such a sweet little man. At freshly twelve he has been training for the past two years so he can be strong enough to protect himself. We should have known he was doing it to protect us. One day, he will make the best alpha of this pack.

A lanky man steps into the doorway and Leo shifts his weight to his back foot, preparing for battle. My heart is in my throat as I watch the man lunge with a growl toward my son. I fell off the bed, trying to protect him. Leo is so graceful in his movements as he glides out of the way and drags a dagger along the man’s back. As long as the man doesn’t shift into a wolf, Leo might be able to hold his own.

His cut isn’t deep, but it’s a strike that makes the man bleed. He growls in annoyance and then chuckles as he
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Judy Malley
Great book really enjoyed it

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