Chapter 6


For my next days as a high school student in the community high school, Angelo became my walking buddy. It wasn’t awkward between the two of us. Aside from Saturdays, we get to spend other days with each other. He’s a more open person than I thought of. I guessed I earned my first friend in this town.

I was waiting for him when Nana offered me cookies. It looked like a normal cookie, then I remembered that she was a werewolf. I’m afraid there’s something in the ingredient of that cookie.

“It’s a normal treat, dear. You don’t have to be scared of us. I told you to trust us,” she said and I accepted the cookie.

Inside their house, I saw a family picture near the television set. Angelo got his features from his mother. They almost looked the same. His brother was also good-looking like him though they didn’t have the same face. His sister, like his brother and Gelo, was also attractive. I guessed his siblings’ features were inherited from his father.

Angelo’s mother and father were both good-looking despite their age in the picture. I wonder why it’s only Angelo and Nana who is staying in their house since the day I came into the town. Were they busy with work?

“Don’t look at my ugly face!” Angelo grabbed the picture frame and sprawled it away from me. He’s already wearing his uniform. He looked fresh from the shower and smells like his cologne.

“You’re not ugly,” I said. “But I’m not looking at your picture. I was looking at your family. I got curious about their faces so I tried to take a look. Where are they?”

“Mom’s dead. She got cancer after giving birth to me but died after fifteen years. Dad’s busy at his corporate job. He wasn’t a boss. I don’t want you to think that we’re rich. My brothers and sisters are also at work. You’re going to meet them later. They’re going home.” 

Like us, catching time with our parents was a difficult task. It’s more painful to hear that his mother died. I hope he’ll have a nice dinner along with his brother and sister.

He grabbed his bag and raised both of his eyebrows on me. “Let’s go?”

Angelo walked me to my room. It’s his habit to bring me to my place every time we’re walking together. Felix stopped asking me if I wanted a ride. Walking with Angelo seemed normal to them.

Last Sunday, we watched a horror movie inside their house. I was so scared of the killer clowns in the movies, but he wasn’t even flinching while watching. He said those fictional creatures weren’t scary at all. What he was scared of was how dangerous some of the wolf packs are.

“Can you lend me a sheet of paper?” Gwen, one of my classmates, asked. Breaking the silence and imagination I created while reading a thick fantasy book. She was always asking for a paper from our other classmates. She looked expensive in what she was wearing. Why she doesn’t invest money in school supplies? I wasn’t lucky enough that my paper was her chosen one today. At least, she gets to talk to me.

I gave her a thin sheet of binder sheets I have inside my expanding envelope.

“Thanks!” She smiled at me and walked to the back of her seat.

During my observation in classes, she wasn’t part of the mean girls' community of this school. I heard she’s also an omega, commoners in the werewolf community. Most of the time, it’s the betas’ children who are bullying others. They were also the teacher’s pet during class. I guessed I won’t place in the final ten of any class since I was nobody in this town.

Our teacher arrived late. He’s in his mid-forties. Unlike before, it looked like he attended the class more prepared.

“Good morning, class. We have a quiz.”

 My forehead creased. I wasn’t informed of the quiz. Or he happened to tell us that but I wasn’t paying attention. Unfair! I hate having a surprise quiz or not knowing that we have a quiz for a day on one of the subjects.

I glanced around my classmates and no one flinched at them. Do they know about the quiz? That must also be the reason why Gwen borrowed a sheet of paper from me. 

I would’ve passed a test without reviewing if it’s a history subject. But this is math! Business math to be specific. There are rules and formulas to be considered and I didn’t even read my notes for a week. I knew I’ll fail to survive this test.

Mr. Higgins distributed the test papers to everyone in the class. The first moment I laid my eyes on the page, I knew I won’t going to pass this test. One bad score doesn’t mean I would fail as a student. I was afraid I won’t get a high grade in this class.

I breathe in and out. My classmates were already answering the exam. Stress wasn’t printed on their faces. I wish I am too. But I don’t review in this class. I wish I could get half of the score.

The first twenty questions of the exam were multiple-choice. I could get a correct answer for some of these. Most of it was terminologies I could remember. But the other fifty points of the exam were computation-based. I closed my eyes for a moment and prayed for my score.

I finished last. Mr. Higgins said that he’ll check the papers and those who fail or have a low score shall attend a remedial class. That was an additional thirty minutes to an hour class if I failed. I should be texting my brothers right now that  I won’t be going home by four.

“The exam’s pretty easy,” Gwen commented. In our next class, she was sitting behind me.

“Damn it felt like Mr. Higgins didn’t put a spice on the test,” Aki commented.

Aki’s one of my brightest classmates in the class. One thing he can easily be recognized is his looks. He looked like an artist in a Pop agency especially when he’s in all black. I was praising him, but that doesn’t mean I like him. I had to keep on reminding myself that I should not trust anyone in this class. They were all werewolves.

“How about you?” At first, I thought Gwen wasn’t asking me. She tapped my shoulders and talked again. “You’re silent in this class, Ms. Transferee. You’ve been here for more than a month now. You should feel more confident with us.”

Damn. Just now, I realized I was already a month old student in this school. I stayed in this place for more than a month yet I wasn’t talking to anyone except for my neighbor. Angelo said not to trust anyone, but he didn’t specify to talk to anyone. I guessed I can initiate a conversation with Gwen and Aki.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t just confident even before. I’m an introvert.”

“I’m also an introvert,” said Aki. “Gwen’s also an introvert.”

“Aki’s the only friend that I have in this school. Don’t worry. We won’t be judging you.”

Why were they so nice? I’m afraid this was only their actions to put me into a dangerous situation. I wanted to trust them and make friends with them. But I don’t want to worry my brothers about putting myself in danger.

Catherine, you just have to talk to them. No deeper connections. No trust involved.

“I’ll try.”

“So what are your thoughts with Mr. Higgins’ exam?” Gwen asked again.

“It’s hard.”

Gwen and Aki shared a look. Aki spoke in a baritone voice, “Is it?”

“Oh, maybe it’s difficult for her since this is the first time she took an exam in Mr. Higgins’ class. It’s the easiest, Cath. There is more challenge to face in the future. He knew it is easy enough so he didn’t bother to announce it to us.”

I wish I heard Gwen right. Our teacher didn’t announce the exam to us. I should be reviewing though there wasn’t an announced exam. In my previous school, there are only quizzes after classes that are easy enough to remember the information. Surprise exams are a norm in this place. I shouldn’t be surprised anymore.

By afternoon, Mr. Higgins took a few minutes in our last class with Ms. Score to announce those who will attend the remedial class. And I’m the only one who failed the exam.

“I thought the exam that I gave was easier than what I gave before. But there’s still a student who failed,” said Mr. Higgins. He wasn’t mad but there was a seriousness in his voice.

“I’m sorry, Sir. I didn’t review for the test.”

“You shouldn’t be reviewing. You should know the lesson since the day I taught you that. Now listen.”

He started lecturing me about the lesson we had last week. Now, I can easily understand it. If the exam took place after it, I would surely nail it.

“Do you understand?” I nodded. “You’re going to take a four-item and twenty points quiz regarding the lesson. You should pass or you’ll be seeing me tomorrow.”

He gave me a new test paper. He sat back on his chair in the front and watches me as I answer the test. I’m sure I’m going to pass this. This is easier than I thought. I should’ve reviewed last night though the test was a surprise. Then I wouldn’t be here in the first place.

Halfway to the last item, I smelled something. It was a strong sensation I can’t explain. First, it aches my head. Then it’s making me feel sleepy.

“Sir…” I called in a sleepy voice. “I…” I didn’t finish what I said. Before I closed my eyes, I saw Mr. Higgins smirking at me.

“I’m sorry if we had to do this.”

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