Chapter 14


“There’s another person in this town. I mean human like you and Felix,” I told Jay. He was reading one of my books while the television was on. Felix was in the kitchen, preparing our dinner, which I can smell was java rice and some kind of pork dish.

Jay slipped the bookmark between the pages of the book. He placed it on his lap and turned to me. “Why do you look so amazed?”

“I thought everyone in this town are all werewolves. I kind of had confidence that not everyone will attack humans. Before, I was afraid to think of werewolves. I thought they were going to attack every human in their way.”

“No, they don’t. Like us, they have a purpose in doing those things.”

I glanced at the book that he was reading. A self-help book about having a purpose in life. He’s only saying those because of what he read. “You mean they have a purpose in killing our parents. What k

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