Chapter 36

Chapter 36

“Catherine, you didn’t tell us that you transformed into a wolf when you passed out that night,” Felix’s voice was angry. I thought Nana told them already. I thought it wasn’t necessary to tell them about that.

Jay threw a tense glare at me. I never saw him look at me like that. Yes, I was used to Felix doing that. But Jay? He was never mad at me. He would be the one who will assist me with everything that I needed to do. He’ll support me. He’ll defend me from our oldest brother. But now, he hated me for not telling them.

“I didn’t lie,” I said. “I thought you already knew. I thought Nana already told you when you visited the last time.”

“Nana wasn’t at the place where you collapsed. Gelo lied to us. He said that a group of wolves attacked you and you passed out of fear. He didn’t tell us you transformed into a wolf and decided to save everyone. He didn’t say you almost sacrifice your life for these strangers not until the woman you were with chattered to us.” Felix sounded
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