Chapter 37


Nana successfully convinced my brothers to stay in the town of Dusk and Dawn. They also talked about Gelo being my lover. Nana helped to fix Gelo’s image on my brothers. She explained thoroughly that Gelo doesn’t have a bad intention for me. I thought we were going to leave this town. Nana was right. No one can predict and stop what’s going to happen next. It’s like a prophecy.

“I’m sorry,” I told Felix when I entered their room. “I didn’t mean to say those things. We all lost Mom and Dad and I’m the worst person for invalidating your feelings.”

Felix caressed my hair, then he kissed my forehead. “It’s fine. I’m sorry for shouting at you and almost hurting you physically. What you said broke my heart and made me think that I’m a worthless brother to you. All I did was to do my best to protect you.”

“I hate myself.”

“Don’t hate yourself. Love it just like how much we love you.” Felix wrapped his arms around me. “You’re right. The truth lies here. Mom and Dad have a reason wh
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