Chapter 39


Gelo and I rushed inside his room. A gray boxer was lying in the middle of his bed. His face turned red after seeing it. He grabbed it and threw it inside the laundry basket which was also in his room.

“I’m sorry for that,” he said, scratching his back. He must not clean his room that often. His pens and papers were scattered on her table. His television wasn't perfectly aligned to the wall. And his bed wasn’t even made up.

“Am I here to fix your room?”

“No, Cath. Is my room that dirty and messy? I thought your room was worse when we cleaned it the last time.”

I’m guilty. He’s telling the truth. But I was just stressed at that time and I don’t have the thought of cleaning my room just like what he’s doing most of the time.

“Why can’t we stay outside? In your living room.”

“That woman was there. She might disturb us again. Isn’t it weird an adult woman is lying around and will stop the two of us from being too sweet?”

“It’s weird,” I said. “Mila’s always serious back in her
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