Chapter 42


“Long time no see,” Chaz said. I came back to the training grounds, after a few weeks of not attending the training. I came earlier than I expected since there are no other students aside from me. “You’re thirty minutes early. You’re earlier than the sun. How come you walked alone too early in the morning?”

I shrugged my shoulders and sat on the chair. “I need the time to meditate and think about what’s happening these past few days. My brothers were still asleep when I left. I wrote a note saying that I’ll be going here to practice. Angelo…” I sighed. “Too bad I did not wait for him. Is he attending these past few Saturdays?”

Chaz placed his pointing fingers to his lips, making a cross sign. “Kaz is still sleeping. Lower your voice. He’s a beast who doesn’t like noise when he’s asleep. But to answer your question, Gelo does attend the training after he recovered. I asked about you. He did not say anything. A true friend indeed. I thought you quit, but I also realized you c
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